a strategic solution would be to reach out to the joint staff and make “connections” with personnel who have influence over hiring actions.

a strategic solution would be to reach out to the joint staff and make “connections” with personnel who have influence over hiring actions.

Eaxh response should be 150 words each..

Response 1:
The lesson this week gives us five fundamental parts of a career plan to follow. These are objective, milestone, obstacle, solution, and goal. This one is a little difficult for me because I do not have anything too specific in mind. All that I am looking for is a job that pays enough to keep me happy and that I work with a good group of people focused on progress. I will be as specific as I can.
Objective – Land a good paying job somewhere in the supply chain. Even though logistics is my specialty, it is not something I am married to. There is not one particular function of the supply chain that I enjoy more than the others. Something that has sparked my interest recently are jobs for supply chain analysts. I will put my resume out there and see where it lands.
Milestone – finish my black belt certification in lean six sigma before this class ends. Recently, I was browsing potential jobs and looking at the requirements. I saw lean six sigma appear on quite a regular basis. I decided at that moment that I will need to get my certification in it and I started the program about a week ago. This certification will allow me to hold a larger variety of positions so I can find the right one for me.
Obstacle – One of the obstacles is that my business experience is limited and viewed differently. Even though I can perform well and deliver results, some business owners are not driven by results and instead are driven by relationships and power. Some business owners with ego problems are threatened by results even if they are good for business. An obstacle I have in the way of obtaining some jobs is the fact that I do not want to work with certain types of people that don’t value the core of business: making money.
Solution – To reach my goal, I am going to interview my interviewers. I did this before and I spent a long time asking about the company. I later realized I should have been asking about them as leaders and mangers because they were truly a horrible group. I resigned from that position after a few months and I have now created some very specific questions I want answered about the team of people I will be working with. The more information I have about the personality types, the more informed I will be on whether or not the job is right for me.
Goal – Be working in a new position by the end of 2020. I know that I cannot wait forever on finding my dream job, so eventually the time must come where I have to accept whatever I can get. I think searching for the summer and fall will give me ample time to make the best decision for me.

Response 2:
The table in the lesson identifies five categories, objective, milestone, obstacle, solution, and goal before diving into the career plan, so it does not sound too confusing.  I currently work for a real estate development company as a project manager/maintenance technician.  I am also working with my mom, who owns a company called Sarver Better Living (SBL).  I additionally do HVAC repair for commercial companies such as restaurants, warehouses, etc.  So I have a few objectives I am trying to accomplish—some sooner than later.
Obtain and lead more independent projects associated with company objectives.  Project management requires the scheduling of personnel and plans while taking in new calls for repairs of current customers.  Independent work will require further development of the company website and product preparation, design, and testing before launch.  The objective is complex professionally due to balancing two different companies with very different goals—one management and mitigating situations. In contrast, the other company requires marketing and designing of new and pre-existing products.
A measurable achievement to show progression in the next six months is through projects completed and the turnover rate of available complexes.  A reasonable objective is going to be the completion of my company website with new and pre-existing products uploaded into the digital catalog with merchandise available for distribution.  Having more of a personal interest in the development of the site and product, I look forward to the completion of the new product for launch.
Time constraints, due to the high volume of current unemployment tenants moving to create a higher workload.  Tenants staying home create more damage resulting in more repair work needed.  The website catalog, design, web development, etc. takes a great deal of time.
The workforce, lack of knowledgeable workers creates a bottleneck in repair work.  When jobs are complete, callbacks are high due to untrained staff requiring time from my schedule.  Due to a lack of knowledge of the private companies’ products, pricing, web development, etc. no one is willing or could help due to the complexity of the project.
Time management provides the ability to accomplish multiple tasks.  Sticking to a strict schedule can be difficult but necessary.  Completing tasks entirely before moving on to the next saves time not having to go back, which requires traveling, paperwork, and potentially more work.  Ensuring employees stick to the schedule and not deviating ensures there time is managed appropriately instead of having no accountability for employee work conducted.
To complete scheduled renovations and turnovers within the allotted time. Launch company website within the next 30 days with product in catalog wholly uploaded.

Response 3:
The lesson reading as well as the literature by Bolles – “Life/Work Planning: Designing a Plan of Attack” both provide a very good framework of how we should think about our career planning. Specifically, I found it interesting the comment that most professionals seek the traditional approach to job hunting when it largely does not yield positive results. From the lesson reading we can see that most professionals have at least six jobs in their lifetime, which can be inferred to be driven at least in some part to job satisfaction. From this, I developed my career plan based on my upcoming move to my next higher career progression assignment – a task in the Army that is very much a “resume and reputation” based decision. We do go through interviews and resume critique in the pursuit of this, therefore it is very applicable to this lesson.
Obtain an assignment to Joint Planning staff in a non-divisional unit. Particularly SOCOM headquarters, in order to fulfill requirements to become joint staff qualified and continue career progression.
A measureable milestone to indicate competitiveness to achieving this goal would be receiving a “most qualified” evaluation as well as positive references from past and current raters and senior raters. A second key indicator would be selection to attend resident leader education courses. Third would be selection/invitation to attend interview sessions for vacancies for either combined joint staff, joint command headquarters, or joint component staff headquarters.
Timeline no assurance there will be vacancies based on the timeline for when I will be required to move and the vacancies available.
Workforce competition to “beat” to fill the vacancies, however many are available.
Following the recommendation of Bolles, a strategic solution would be to reach out to the joint staff and make “connections” with personnel who have influence over hiring actions. Key first step will be to socialize with personnel who have worked on joint staff and solicit for why “they need me.”
To complete and update resume and ensure key mentors with connections are aware of intentions to solicit for assignment to the joint staff within the next 4 weeks.


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