Criminal behavior.

Question:I just need a basic information for this one, no big essay, just enough information so I can have something to go off of.

-Analyze if biological or environmental factors drive criminal behavior. Consider research on twins.

-Describe social influences that may lead to individuals who engage in criminal behaviors.

-Evaluate the ethical responsibilities of intervening to deter crimes involving genetic or neurochemical disorders.

-Assess if individuals, who display predisposed criminal behavior, should be treated differently by the legal system.

Preliminary diagnosis

what is Jordan’s preliminary diagnosis and possible cause? Jordan is a 22-year-old man who received medical discharge from the army after a 2- year tour in Iraq. The initial discharge was for depression, but Jordan’s family has begun to believe that it may be more complicated. Jordan has been discovered wandering at night “following the way the flags are showing me to go” or following a possibly imaginary woman with a scarred neck. During the interview, Jordan seems lucid, but lethargic. He drums his fingers slowly on each thigh, as if playing a slow piano scale. His answers are all one or two words, such as “fine” or “I guess.” When asked about the woman with the scarred neck, he becomes slightly more animated. Jordan: She’s a beautiful woman, isn’t she? Interviewer: I don’t know, Jordan. I’ve never seen her. Jordan: Right, because you don’t have the ring. Interviewer: What ring? Jordan: [mumbles] Interviewer: Can you tell me about the ring? Jordan: I said the ring is the fuse. Interviewer: The fuse to what, Jordan? Jordan: Without the fuse… well, you know what happens. It’s a fuse. Interviewer: I don’t, Jordan. What happens? Jordan: Fuses light up you know. And then, they blow up. That’s all. Family History: Mother and father are still alive, but divorced. Mother is remarried. Mother has history of diabetes. Father’s leg was amputated during first Gulf War. History of emotional abuse by father.

Harassment in the workplace.

Identify a situation that could be considered an example of discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace. This can be something that you have experienced or seen in person, or something that you create.

Write a short 4- to 6-sentence case study scenario that describes this incident.

Conduct a 700-word analysis of the case study on the same document.

Includethe following in your analysis:

  • Explain the type of discrimination and/or harassment that took place in your case study scenario. What were the key indicators that this behavior was a violation of workplace policy?
  • Summarize how to conduct a proper investigation of these claims.
  • Determine which U.S. employment laws were violated in your case study scenario. How were the laws violated? What change(s) would you make to minimize future occurrences of these violations?

Cite any outside resources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Child and family development literature

Select, from the larger body of child and family development literature, two peer reviewed research journal articles per substance area and review, summarize, and critique them in one paper per area. The critiques should describe the research method and results, as well as implications for future research. Each article review should be between 1 and 1½ pages – double-spaced, equating to 2-3 per substance area.   The format for this assignment should be:

  1. Substance Area Name
    • Research article 1 (include the title of the article
    • Critique of 1-1.5 pages
    • Rsearch article 2 (include the title of the article)
    • Critique of 1-1.5 pages

Use this format for each of your Substance Areas.

These must be submitted in the order listed below. Do NOT submit these as separate files. All five content areas are to be submitted as one file.

Be sure to review the rubric provided for you in the assignment area to make certain that you are covering all the requirements.

Substance Areas 6-10 reviews must be completed :



e.g., Goal Setting and Decision-Making; Development and Allocation of Resources; Social Environment Influences; Life Cycle and Family Structure Influences; Consumer Issues and Decisions.


e.g., Parenting Rights and Responsibilities; Parenting Practices/Processes; Parent/Child Relationships; Variation in Parenting Solutions; Changing Parenting Roles Over the Life Cycle.


e.g., Family and the Law; Family and Social Services; Family and Education;

Family and the Economy; Family and Religion; Policy and the Family.


e.g., Formation of Values; Diversity of Values in Pluralistic Society; Examining Ideologies; Social Consequences of Value Choices; Ethics and Technological Changes; Ethics of Professional Practice


e.g., Planning and Implementing; Evaluation; Education Techniques; Sensitivity to Others; Sensitivity to Community Concern.

Rubric – NCFR Content Areas 6-10

All five content areas are included, with two peer-reviewed academic journal articles each.

Articles are clearly appropriate for the content area.

Each article is succinctly and carefully reviewed. The student defines the study, how it was accomplished, and further research implications. The analysis is thoughtful, thorough, and shows critical thinking.

All 10 topics are submitted IN ORDER and in one file, as per assignment instructions.

A conclusion, per the assignment instructions, is included.

No more than two errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

APA formatting and citation style is followed.

This final paper forms the major writing assignment of this capstone course and as such should exemplify higher level writing skills and demonstration of knowledge relevant to degree discipline.  It must be in compliance with university academic standards and formatting rules of the American Psychological Association (APA) – 6th Edition.

Peer reviewed academic journal articles

Using at least two peer-reviewed academic journal articles (dated no earlier than 2012) and what you learned in this class, answer the first two questions. The last two questions will come from your own experiences and opinions. It is anticipated that it will take at least 750 words to adequately explain and defend your answers.

  1. What value is there in the work of a Family Life Educator?
  2. How could people in this field improve the lives of children and families?
  3. Do you have plans to work in the field of Family Life Education?

Two peer reviewed academic journal articles  used (no earlier than 2012)

Report uses at least 750 words

Critical thinking is evident; topic is fully and richly covered.

No more than two errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling

NOTE: DO NOT use direct quotes on this assignment.  I need to assess what you learned, not what someone else wrote.

30 best film-to-musical adaptations

Requirement: When responding to discussion postings please be aware of how a tone can be misinterpreted by other readers. So please respect your fellow virtual class members when posting your responses. All discussion postings must respond to one point from the post before it AND offer at least one new detail in your posting.

#1:After reading the article the 30 best film-to-musical adaptations, I was surprised by there are so many great movies had been transformed into musicals, and many of them I even did not notice before. i think it is the time for me to watch some from now on.

The movies first came into my mind are Harry Potter series. They are my favorite movies series and they have a lot of fans all around the world.

There is already a musical by fan fiction named was A Very Potter Musical performed in in April 2009 at the University of Michigan. It was uploaded to YouTube on July 5th. This musical was one of the top ten best online video by And there is also a living theatre by the eighth book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The two work both were loved by audience. Thus, I think it is proper to make the series movie transformed into musical.

We can choose any one of the series. As for actors, I think it is best to find some children actors who look like the original actors in the movie when they are young. I believe it will make the loyal fans have the senses into the plot and memorize the feelings how the story can bring to them. I suggested either Matt Land or John Tiffany to direct the show because they have experiences from other stories in same topic, they can also deal with the problems about how to perform the expression of all the thing from magic world. Still, we need to invite JK Rowling as the scriptwriter for the show, because there is no one else can know the story better than her. When it comes to the music, I suggest we can combine some pop music with the original sound in the movies. That way is interesting and also make fans memorize the feelings for the story. As for the choreography, I suggest we can combine the action to cast spells with dance, that would more interesting and impressive.

Expect these, we also need to design the customs and stage property as much as the same with the movies.

I think this musical can attract a lot of fans for the book and movie series. They would like the live of how they always imaging the derails of the story.

#2: William Shakespeare has been my inspiration since I gained the knowledge to read literary works. He was an English poet, playwright and an actor who was recognized in the whole world, and he has been my motivation to help me gain expertise on how to read, write, and become an actor poet and a playwright. The type of musical I would use to describe William Shakespeare is a love song in which I would express all the feelings, and love I have for his entire career. I would express it in a mood of love and compassion about him, and the main audience would be people of all categories ranging from kids to adults since his work covers all the ages.

NAEYC Standards

This assignment addresses the following NAEYC Standards:

  • Knowing and understanding of the multiple influences on the development and learning of children.  [NAEYC Standard 1b]
  • Knowing about and understanding diverse fam­ily and community characteristics. [NAEYC Standard 2a]
  • Supporting and engaging families and communities through respectful, reciprocal relationships [NAEYC Standard 2b]
    • Involving families and communities in their children’s development and learning.  [NAEYC Standard 2c]
    • Engaging in continuous, collaborative learning to inform practice [NAEYC Standard 6c]
    • Written and verbal skills [NAEYC Supportive Skill 3]
    • Making connections between prior knowledgeable/experience and new learning [NAEYC Supportive Skill 4]
    • Identifying and using professional resources [NAEYC Supportive Skill 5]

Course Competencies: 4, 5, 11

For this assignment you will respond to the following question:

How does poverty affect the functioning of the family system, thereby placing all domains of development at risk [physical, cognitive, social-emotional]?

You will write a paper that is a minimum of 2 pages [less than 2 pages will not be graded] in length, use the APA format, and include the following:

  • An interesting and thoughtful introduction and conclusion.  Your conclusion will summarize what you learned and explain how you will use this information in your work with young children.
  • Identify how poverty can affect the functioning of the family system

ü  Include 2-3 affects upon the family

ü  Include information from your research

  • Identify how poverty can affect a child’s physical development

ü  Include 2-3 affects upon a child’s physical development

ü  Include information from your research

  • Identify how poverty can affect a child’s cognitive development

ü  Include 2-3 affects upon a child’s cognitive development

ü  Include information from your research

  • Identify how poverty can affect a child’s social-emotional development

ü  Include 2-3 affects upon a child’s social-emotional development

ü  Include information from your research

  • Explain how you will change or apply what you have learned on family poverty in your work with young children currently or in the future

ü  Include 2-3 ways you will change your practice or why you will continue with a current practice based on what you have learned

  • Identified two resources to support families

ü  Provided a clear and informative statement on how each identified resource would support families

ü  You are welcome to reflect on local resources specific to your community, or comment on any of the following:  Head Start, Charitable Union, Community Action, Family and Children’s Services, Family Health Center, Food Bank, Goodwill Industries, HandsOn, (The) Haven of Rest Ministries, etc.

Please use Community Action or Head Start for this section because I work for them. Thank you!

  • Professional language usage, correct grammar and spelling, double spaced [12 pt font]

Information for your paper will be based upon any of the following sources:

  1. Class discussions, activities, and lectures
  2. Readings from the textbook
  3. Readings from professional journals
  4. Readings from Internet research articles

Television show geared for a young child

Select a television show that is geared for a young child and watch it.

As you watch the show, listen for the following things: words used – are they positive, cooperative, educational, helpful, controlling, aggressive, angry or hurtful?

Watch the physical movement and actions: are they natural, gentle, helpful, kind, complex, do the faces smile? Or are they competitive, aggressive, fighting, unnatural / jerky in movement, forceful, extreme, domineering?

Listen for the music and/or tone of the show. Is it overall tense, loud, frightening, overpowering, constant? Or is it variable in volume and tone, calm, uplifting? As you watch and listen, put a check beside the following items below. When finished, look at the checks that you have recorded. In your original Discussion Board posting, reflect on the tone, feeling and message of the show, and one way it may have an impact on a young child’s cognitive, social-emotional, or physical development either positively or negatively. Also include the name of the television program, the episode that you watched, as well as the time and station.

Place a check beside each of these items as you watch the television show:

Words: helpful, cooperative, positive

Words: angry, aggressive, put-down

Physical Movements / Actions: natural, smooth motion, gentle

Physical Movements / Actions: aggressive, fighting, jerky, domineering

Music: variety in volume, gentle feeling

Music: tense, frightening, loud

Child maltreatment in the United States

This assignment focuses on analyzing policies about child maltreatment in the United States where, as noted in the Week Three Instructor Guidance and the Rubin (2012) recommended readings for Week Three, it is a growing national issue. This assignment is another opportunity to further apply 21st century technology skills as you create an informational brochure meant to inform the public in a variety of potential environments about child maltreatment in the United States and in a specific state of your choosing. Your finished brochure will be included in your website as part of the Week Six Final Project. Beyond reading the Week Three Instructor Guidance and the recommended chapters from Rubin (2012), review the State of California (2014) website resources for services related to children’s and youth health  the CDCP (2014) website about preventing child maltreatment  the Child Help (2014) website programs page  and the CAPA (2014) webpage about their programs and services (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to learn about child maltreatment and policies related thereto. Create your assignment using the content and written communication instructions below. Use the Grading Rubric to review your assignment before submission to ensure you have met the distinguished performance for each of the components described below. For additional assistance, review the Week Three Instructor Guidance and, if needed, contact the instructor for further clarifications using the Ask Your Instructor discussion. Additionally, add the flyer as a link or attachment to the page on your website titled Child Protection Services & Child Maltreatment.

Content InstructionsUsing a digital software program such as Microsoft Publisher create a single-page, 3-panel, front-to back brochure that informs the public about the realities of child maltreatment in the United States and a specific state of your choosing. The brochure should be designed to appeal to audiences in a variety of settings, such as offices of school counselors or nurses, community centers and outreach facilities, public health facilities, and social services departments. Use the “Save As” option to save your brochure as a PDF. Submit the PDF version as your assignment for evaluation and include the attachment or link if constructed from an online source such as Lucidpress to your website.

  • Title (1 point): Include an engaging title for the brochure.
  • Maltreatment Information (2 points): Include a description of what constitutes child maltreatment, abuse, or neglect; tips for prevention, tips for parents or caregivers, and reporting abuse. Include at least two supporting resources cited in-text and in a References section.
  • Statistical Data (1 point): Include at least three items of statistical data, audience-appropriate graphics, and two-to-three points about child maltreatment in the United States and your selected state. Include at least two supporting resources cited in-text and in a References section.
  • Policy or Program Resource (3 points): Describe at least two policies, programs, models, or other source of support for parents, caregivers, schools, or others. Include at least two supporting resources cited in-text and in a References section.
  • References: (1 point): Include a references section with at least four scholarly sources in addition to the Rubin (2012) textbook for any summarized, paraphrased, or quoted material in your brochure, including images and graphics. All sources in the references section should be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.
  • Formatting (1 points): Brochure is a PDF, 8.5×11 inches in size, single-page, 3-panel, front-to-back design that uses graphics, and has a consistent theme/format to augment the readability of the brochure.

Written Communication Instructions

  • Syntax and Mechanics (1 point): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Written work contains no errors and is very easy to understand.

Short questions

A concurring opinion does which of the following?

Disagrees with the majority opinion

Relies upon law outside the U.S.

Follows precedent in part and disagrees in part with the majority opinion

Agrees with the majority opinion (I believe its this one)

Whether battery is classified as a general or specific offense varies according to which of the following?

State by state statutes (I believe its this one)

State versus federal statutes

Existing precedent

Whether a lethal weapon was involved