Discussion Board Questions

During Week 11, engage in discussions with two (2) classmates about the content of their case assessments. This should be in the form of substantive comments, questions, and/or constructive disagreement. Additionally, respond at least once to each classmate posting a question in your discussion thread. (Each discussion should have at least 250 words)

Topic: Virtual project quality management

Topic: Virtual project quality management

By the end of the second session each student should select a research topic, formulate his/her research question, and develop a preliminary outline of the research paper.  Review his/her topic and outline with the instructor for relevance and feasibility within the limited time frame of the term and for access to supporting data and other sources of information. The research project can focus on problems that cut across Project Quality Management areas, including, but not limited to topics such as: virtual project quality management, agile project quality management, project quality management methodologies, distributed project quality management, project quality leadership, project quality metrics, project quality management standards, best practices in project quality management, and pedagogical issues.  These are just broad research areas for guidance.  Students should select their own topics.

RESEARCH  PROJECT (30% of Final Grade; 10% for the Interim Research Report and 20% for the Final Paper)


The Research Project is an individual assignment and offers each student an opportunity to develop and demonstrate competency in conducting graduate-level research on a topic of interest to him/her and relevant to Project Quality Management and produce a scholarly paper approximately 12 to 15 double-spaced pages.

By the end of Session 11, students must have completed their research and prepared and submitted their final research paper.  The paper should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines with supportive evidence from sources explored during the research.  These sources could include articles from peer reviewed academic journals, books, white papers, practitioner journals, case studies, survey data, and so forth.  The final paper accounts for 20% of the final grade.

The final paper should be submitted to the Assignments Folder as well as the designated Forum.  

There are additional resources in the Research Project Guidelines to help with the research projects. In addition, the journal articles posted in e-Reserve in the Course Resources could serve as excellent samples/examples.

Discussion Response #1: Discussion: Prescribing for Older Adults and Pregnant Women

Discussion: Prescribing for Older Adults and Pregnant Women

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on 2 different days who selected different disorders. Propose an alternative on-label, off-label, or nonpharmacological treatment for the disorders. Justify your suggestions with at least two references to the literature. 

Communications Management Case Assessment

Part 1 is due Wednesday July 27, 2022 at 11:59pm

Communications Management Case Assessment

PMAN 638; updated Summer 2022

This assignment represents real-world issues that affect today’s project manager and project teams. Project leaders and teams must learn how to communicate effectively and to manage team communications and group conflicts to ensure project success.

Assignment Type: Individual assessment of assigned case problem(s) are submitted in Week 10 (Part 1). Week 11 involves engaging with classmates in discussions of their assessments and responding to questions about your assessment (Part 2). These activities are further described below.

Grade: up to 10 points

Deliverables: Part 1 due in Week 10; Part 2 due in Week 11

Case Paper: Shenhar, A.J., V. Holzmann, B. Melamed & Y. Zhao. (2016). The challenge of innovation in highly complex projects: What can we learn from Boeing’s Dreamliner experience? Project Management Journal, Vol. 47, No. 2; 62-78. This paper is located on the Week 10 Content page in the classroom.

Assignment Purpose:

·      Examine leadership and project-relevant communications within a complex project environment.

·      Apply communication and project management concepts learned in PMAN 638 to a real-world case.

Assignment Guidance:

Shenhar et al. (2016) discuss factors surrounding the delivery of Boeing Corporation’s Dreamliner aircraft and the series of problems that resulted in delays in its delivery to customers by several years. Among the many problems in completing the Dreamline project was the multifactorial issue of “poor stakeholder communications” as described in the many related (or possibly related) issues described in the case paper (Shenhar et al., 2016).

Week 10

Submit a 3 to 4-page paper (cover page, 1.0-1.5 page assignment response, and references page) to assignment folder by the end of Week 10. The assignment is to identity subproblems found in the Boeing case paper related to any of the following: (1) stakeholder communication planning, (2) stakeholder identification, and (3) stakeholder management and engagement. Identify 3 to 5 subproblems. A lengthy explanation of each issue/subproblem is not needed, but do explain each sufficiently so that the issue/subproblem in the case and its connection to one of the 3 stakeholders processes described above (mention which one or ones are related to this subproblem) are clear to the reader. Only 2 references are needed for this assignment: the PMBOK Guide and the case paper.

Do not include an introduction or background on the case paper in your response, however, you may include a very brief introductory paragraph stating the purpose of this assignment.

Before beginning this assignment, review the PMBOK Guide content on stakeholder processes and documents provided in Chapter 10 and Chapter 13 of the PMBOK Guide (6th edition only).

An example of the many possible case sub-problems you can write about:

Boeing outsourced more than 70% of the design, engineering, manufacturing, and production to a global network of subcontractors. How did management or mismanagement of stakeholder communications and/or expectations lead to many of the project delays? Were stakeholder documents such as the project communication plan, stakeholder register, and/or stakeholder engagement plan developed and used correctly? Was the initial communication planning sufficient or did problems arise from insufficient or missing monitoring and updates for project communications? What other good project management practices are missing or were mismanaged regarding communications to and from the many global stakeholders? If you make a claim, please identify evidence mentioned in Shenhar. You may speculate to some degree when the information is not provided in the case.


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Guidance Document for Week 9 Assignment: Individual Analysis of Other Team GCCM Plans

Guidance Document for Week 9 Assignment: Individual Analysis of Other Team GCCM Plans

Updated summer 2021


Assignment Type: Individual paper

Grade: up to 10 points

Due: by the end of Week 9

Assignment Purpose:

·      Examine alternative approaches used to develop a GCCM Plan

·      Demonstrate your understanding of purpose and content in a good GCCM Plan

Paper Sections:

Write a critique/analysis for TWO (2) of the GCCM Plans (other than your own) posted in the Week 9 discussion area.

In two separate sections, evaluate each of the GCCM Plans as follows.

GCCM Plan for Team Panama and Team Creative Collective:

a) Overall organization: Briefly (a short paragraph) comment on overall organization of this GCCM Plan. “Organization” is NOT “formatting.”

b) GCCM Plan purpose: Is it clear and sufficient? Explain.

c) Communication management section/subsection(s):

·      Would a new team member picking up this plan be able to use it to find when and how to participate in team meetings, weekly meeting activities and processes, who prepares the agenda and meeting minutes and where to find them, team leader activities and assignments, how to contact team members, the team’s communication norms/expectations, email and other communication methods and their ground rules?

·      Identify anything that is missing, or needs improvement, or that would improve this plan.

d) Conflict management plan section/subsections(s):

·      Are all the necessary topics included, and does the content provide sufficient guidance for the team?

·      Provide a detailed analysis of the conflict management plan proposed by this team. Cite support from at least 2 class readings in your analysis.

e) Support: Explain whether sources (class readings & PMBOK Guide) were sufficiently and correctly used throughout the GCCM Plan.


Page length:

Response (a-e) for each team plan should be at least 2.5 pages. Therefore, with cover page and references, total paper will be a minimum of 7 pages (maximum 9!). 


Submit this assignment to your Assignment Folder by the end of Week 9.


Grades are based on the quality and critical thinking evident in your discussion and analysis and support used.