Business and Management : Communication Studies

Topic: Introducing Interpersonal Communication

Type of paper: Journal

Discipline: Business and Management : Communication Studies

Format or citation style: MLA


The purpose of this assignment is not about how well you can describe a story related to the question topic you chose, but that you can show me how well you understand the terms and concepts used in interpersonal communication.  The best way to demonstrate that you understand the terms/concepts is to follow this three-step process: 1). correctly apply your term into a sentence, making sure that you bold the term (only once). 2). Explain the term, especially if it is not self-evident, and describe how it can be identified in interpersonal communication. 3). Illustrate your knowledge by following it with specific examples from the communication in your story.

For example, The first time I was ever in a fender-bender, I was sixteen-years-old and new to driving. The minute I banged into the car in front of me I knew I was in trouble and I was hit with a wave of blended emotions. Blended emotions are when people experience multiple emotions at the same time and are unable to recognize all of them at once. At first, I was scared that I would get into trouble, fear turned to worry that my sister was hurt, but she was not. When the police officer showed up the man driving the other car began pretending he was hurt and I become angry and worried that I would go to jail.

Do you see how the story example covered all three requirements?  That is exactly what I am looking for in your paper.

Keep in mind that the story topic you provide is only a vehicle for the assignment. I am not interested in how well you can tell a story, but how well you demonstrate your understanding of the interpersonal communication concepts and terminology.

Instructions:  You will write a 1 ½-2 page paper covering chapter one for this assignment. Usually journals are due after we finish those chapters in class, but this may not always be the case. You are required to read the chapters on your own for all assignments.

1.    Of three question topics provided, choose one question topic and then select four terms/concepts from the list provided; these will become your bolded terms.
2.    Bolded terms: Following the example provided above, you will incorporate one term from the list and bold it only once. There should be only one bolded term per paragraph—do not string them together. (That doesn’t count!)  There should be four bolded terms in your paper.
3.    Supporting your bolded term: Each bolded term should be followed with an explanation of what the term is and how to recognize it in our communication. And then it should be supported with specific communicative examples that demonstrate how that interpersonal concept/term was used in your story. When you do not follow these two steps for every bolded term your paper will receive deductions. (See example above)
4.    The paper should meet the minimum of 1 ½ pages and not exceed the maximum 2 pages.
rms and Concepts:
Choose four terms from the list provided. These terms you should bold the first time you use it in your paper.

1. Context
2. Channel
3.Relationship goals
4. self-monitoring


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