Case Study Essay – Applying Concepts to Improve a Specific Company Organizational Problem

Part 1 Requirements: Reflection of Learning – Applying Learning to Benefit Your Career (2-3 pages)

The goal of this assignment is to reflect upon your learning and apply theories and practices of organizational behavior to benefit your current or future career.

Please select one to three of the major learning topics we have covered in class that you believe will be most relevant and helpful to your success in your career.

Requirements: Write a two page minimum reflection essay (3 maximum) explaining the significance of your chosen topic from class including but not limited to: motivating groups and teams, emotional intelligence, leadership for relationships and results, Politics and Power, Organizational Culture and Values, Diversity and Inclusion, Decision-making, Change and Innovation, and how it will benefit your career.

Please be sure to demonstrate your understanding of relevant theories, incorporating your own perspective with critical analysis.

Be sure to address: what ways do you think applying this concept will benefit your future work, and impact the relationships and results that you achieve? Is this concept/practice used effectively in work settings that you’ve experienced or observed? Or is it an underutilized practice? Why is this theory important? What is the opportunity here for you as you see it?

• Part 2:  Case Study Essay – Applying Concepts to Improve a Specific Company Organizational Problem (5-7 pages)

Choose one to three of the core course topics and make a critical case study that is designed to address a significant organizational problem.

Note: In most of the cases, the concepts you select will be different from your reflection as the organizational needs will influence the decision for use of appropriate content for your  solution.

Ideally, select an organization you work for or have worked for in the past. If you have never worked, choose an organization you have a lot of knowledge about, interest in, and a company where you can easily access information about its culture and how it operates.

The requirements for the case study are:

  1. Select an organization you know and understand  – one where you have worked previously, or currently. Or you can choose a company where you have a reliable contact – or are a knowledgeable customer. The organization you select could also be a company you admire or aspire to work for in the future.
  2. Your case study analysis will provide a critical discussion, drawing upon your personal observations and perspectives and supported with references to the theories and concepts that are relevant to improving or solving the organizational problem.   Please demonstrate how this company exhibits misuse or lack of use of the key theories (one or more, up to three) and the recommended strategies to professionally improve the problem.
  3. Include source attribution in a “References” section appendix. In the event that you include actual first-hand experience or information from relationships in the organization you are analyzing, you can include an in-text reference such as (personal interview) or  (personal observation) or (personal conversation). In all situations, it is important to show how you acquired the information.


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