Discuss your research strategy.

Use only online article databases found through a university library (such as the UoF Library Portal) and/or Google Scholar to complete this assignment. Suggested databases for this assignment are:  IEEE Xplore, the ACM Digital Library, the Academic OneFile, Expanded Academic ASAP, and Computer Database, though you may use other article databases as well.  Summarize the results of this assignment in a 3-5 page report, ensuring that you report the results of each of the tasks outlined.  Make certain to write an introduction and conclusion for your report.

  1. Find a book about the adoption of biometrics for use in information security. Provide a list of the key words used to find the book. Provide the specific database or web page in which you located the book.  Provide a reference citation for the book in the introduction of your report.
  2. Find out if the author has published other books or articles, on the same topic or other topics (related or not).  You can do this by searching the article databases for other publications by the same author, as well as searching the Web via Google Scholar. Did the publications (or lack of it) affect your confidence in the experience and authority of the author?
  3. Find a book review published in a popular magazine, trade publication, or scholarly journal about the book identified in task number one above and answer the following questions:
  • How did you find the review?  Discuss your research strategy.
  • What did the reviewer say about the book?
  • Is the reviewer qualified to review this book?  Look for related degrees or certifications.  If this information is absent from the review, note that in your report.
  • Did the review affect your attitude about the credibility of the author or the content of the book?
  1. Based on the book review, the publishing history of the author, and references made to the book by other authors, summarize how you would classify this book as an information source. Do you think it is a credible source for use in secondary research? Why or why not?
  2. Conclude with a discussion about what you learned about performing secondary research as a result of this exercise. In addition, include the opinions you formed about the quality of the information sources that are available to you through the library’s article databases versus Google Scholar.


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