Does culture really care about greed, ego, or misguided thinking? Does it care about ethical behavior? 

Workplace Values Exercises

1. An unmarried employee comes to you and tells you she is pregnant by the married Vice President of Marketing.

2. Your chemical company operates 1 line that produces Xalphanol. A report released today says that the product can lead to birth defects and sterility in women. Several women work on that line, which pays a little more than the other lines. The findings are preliminary.

3. You find an anonymous note on your desk from an employee complaining about another employee playing Christian music in their cubicle. The music can hardly be heard outside of the cubicle.

4. A customer tells you they will sign a 3-million-dollar order if you sleep with them.

5.  A female employee comes to you to report she is being sexually harassed by a male employee

6. A male employee comes to you to report that he is being sexually harassed by a female employee.

7. A male employee comes to you to report that he is being sexually harassed by a male employee.

8. 2 employees come to you to report that a male employee has a picture of his wife in a swimsuit on his desk. It is a modest, one-piece swimsuit.

9. You find a co-worker coming out the supply room with several reams of paper and numerous pens. The co-worker jokes “its back to school time”.

10. An employee complains of the body odor of a co-worker.

11. You overhear a co-worker quoting a price to a customer that is wrong.

12. A customer of long standing calls to complain that the complimentary calendar your company sends out every year does not have Muslim Holidays.

13. You have an employee who requests a couple of days off to study for final exams. They have no vacation time left, and your company is reimbursing the tuition.

14. Bill and Sally (your employees) are allegedly having an affair, both are married. One afternoon Sally’s husband storms into the office threatening to kill Bill and anyone else who gets in the way, not finding Bill or Sally he leaves.

15. Dave brings his new gun into the office to show it off, the clip is not in it. Your company has a policy of no weapons on the premises.

16.  Mary’s mother is dying of Cancer. She is an only child and has missed far more days and half days as allowed by policy. Some of her co-workers have offered to give Mary some of their vacation time. Your boss says she does not like the idea, and there is no policy allowing for this.

17. Curt is rumored to be an alcoholic (or drunk). You have just received a major project that the entire team will need to work on. Some of the team have reservations about working with Curt on such a major project.

18. Your boss sends out a company wide e-mail announcing the death of one of your employees. You spoke to the employee last night and it was her mother who died, not the employee.

19. An employee comes to regarding a promotion. The promotion is advertised on the company website. The employee is highly qualified for the position and is considered “promotable”. The employee is part of a team working on the largest, most visible project the company has ever had. It will be at least 18 months before the project is complete. The employee’s supervisor has confided in you that without this particular employee the project might fall apart.


Students are to answer the following questions. This is a personal assessment and no outside resources are to be used, these replies are your own personal opinions.

1. What are some of the drawbacks to greed?

2. How can you combat greed is your own personal / business life?

3. Is there a way to help others deal with greed?

4. Ego, greed, or misguided thinking, which is the toughest to combat in your life? In the workplace?

5. Can you think of other issues that might lead to unethical behavior?

6. Does culture really care about greed, ego, or misguided thinking? Does it care about ethical behavior?

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