“gaining connections” due to the time and commitment required to successfully network.

Each response should be 200 words each.


Response 1:

I think a personal website to showcase work is an excellent idea; however, you lose the networking aspect.  The portfolio is capable of representing a continuum of work, and that different elements and experiences along that continuum can be connected. (Donston-Miller, 2013) “Connection” is one of the primary reasons to create a portfolio.  If you are not interested in joining with others for a future job or content in staying where you are, then I suppose a website would be better.  I am an introvert.  I do not need a ton of people in my life to feel good about myself, so having a website where only an employer, if I choose, is given a link is fine with me.  If you want to be searchable, then a public site is going to work better.  Having a website is going to open you up to critique as well.  If you cant even take the time to improve artifacts or write quality paperwork, then a website is more then likely going to be just as horrible.  In such a situation, it is best to stick with a preformatted site where you can be as lazy as you want and only hope for the best.

I like the format of Portfolium. I think it gets the job done.  So I am content in sticking with it as well as my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.  I rarely check them as it is.  So I try to keep them as professional as possible.  Not allot of personal information, no politics, no opinions, etc.  I just assume anyone could be looking at any time.  With that said, I do not care about restrictions only in case if a recruiter is looking for a potential candidate.  As far as viewing it is a growing piece of work, the time a person can see it is whenever they choose, in my opinion.  I have a few time frames centered around classes and future education, in which I would feel comfortable promoting it to potential employers once I completed what started.

Action Plan:

I plan to finish the Portfolium with APUS content and update past information such as accomplishments, certifications, etc. By the beginning of my next course starting in October.

I need to take the following steps:

Collect Data

Publish Date

Collect and Review Previous Work

Publish Work

I give myself until the end of August 2020, to collect the data such as accomplishments, etc. and publish them with accurate information.  That gives me a full month to review assignments and slowly add them to the Portfolium.

By doing this by October, I will have given myself a chance to prepare for my future classes without having to stress about going back and collecting information.  I can also focus on future courses and employment opportunities in the future.

Response 2:

The best location for my eportfolio will probably be a hidden location. This is not something I feel that needs to be showcased alongside the rest of my information unless requested. My plan now is to leave the option for people to view on a LinkedIn profile if they wish to see it. I feel that for most of the positions we are wishing to pursue, our work will only act as a body of evidence for our research. These are not documents that most employers should be analyzing to determine if we are viable candidates. My school work will be saved for a couple of years and then I will not advertise the option for its review. It does not need to steal the spotlight of real-world experience or other things we want to highlight to employers.

My thoughts on the eportfolio are that its importance will quickly diminish. We do not want to be viewed as only students forever. That is why I will choose to keep my eportfolio on the sidelines as a supporting tool. This would not require me to do anything dramatic such as creating my own website or searching for the best social media. The eportfolio might prove to be more useful for young students who do not have much experience yet and they can show their understanding of the subjects they have learned. I can still do this as someone with experience, but employers do not need to see too much. That is why we limit the lengths of our resumes. This tool will be limited in its use as well.

Response 3:

When thinking of where the best place to broadcast an e-portfolio, we must first think of what is the intended goal, and what effect we want to achieve in posting a professional profile.  The answer will vary from person to person, but for myself, I would want the portfolio to be on a page that is far removed from digital news media, social media, and other media sources where unprofessionalism is rampant. The worst thing for myself would be to be associated with political postings or social media of any sort where other individuals have the power to shape or spin my profile.

Therefore, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other common social posting sites are out of the question. I would inevitably insist on building my own website to broadcast my work in a way that would not be affected by others to the extent possible. The public would not be able to access my site directly; it would be a unique link available to employers through my resume.




Indicator of   Completion



Website Build

a. Find reputable   website designer

6 mo.


b. Have designer   build website

Satisfied with   design of site. Unique URL obtained.


Obtain Feedback

a. Peers and   colleagues review site.

10 peers review site

12 mo.


b. Peers and   colleagues  provide reputable feedback

At least 5 provide   constructive feedback


c. Mentors review   and provide constructive feedback.

Following peer   review, at least 3 mentors provide constructive feedback. (Compound effects)


Gain Connections

a. Site begins   dissemination via resume publication.

Receive calls,   interviews, discussions; building rapport.

15 mo.


Obtain Dream Job

a. Obtain dream job.

Dream job   obtained.

1 yr.

I think this is a long term process – especially when considering steps such as “gaining connections” due to the time and commitment required to successfully network. A private website inevitably would make this process take longer due to the density of a network such as linkedin. This is a particular area that I think we should discuss.  Thanks.


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