Gendered Education Discussion

Select any 1 of the topics above, and post what you learned from this topic in the Discussion Forum. Include your personal and/or professional experience as you see fit.

Specifically:  A) Copy and paste the topic you want to discuss on top of your post, and share with the class what you learned from this subject.

. Below is a partial list of e-lecture, article, text, and video topics:

How Children’s Play Affect Adulthood  (e-lecture)

Internalized Sexism (e-lecture)

Internalized Racism (e-lecture)

Internalized Homophobia (e-lecture)

Challenges LGBTQ Students Face in Schools (e-lecture)

A Guide to Responding to Microaggressions/How to Respond to Microaggressions (online articles)

Gendered Communication in the Family (pp. 144-161)

Gendered Education (pp. 166-179)

Gendered Styles of Friendship (pp. 185-193)

Gendered Patterns in Committed Relationships (pp. 193-205)

Video: Internalized Sexism — “Why Am I Not Good Enough?”

Video: Gendered Family Communication – Proud to Call You My Transgender Son

Video: “The Look” – Examples of Microaggression

Video: Microaggression, Asian American Hate Crimes, & Internalized Racism

Video: Eliminating Microaggressions: The Next Level of Inclusion

Video: Emma Watson Speech at the UN – Gender Equal Rights

Video: Gendered Close Relationships – Gender Communication Barriers and Techniques


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