How to develop a values statement

8) The first question an organization should ask itself when developing a values statement is .

A) Why are we in business?
B) What is in it for us?
C) How can we win the respect of others?
D) Why should be care about our customers? E) How much money do we want to make?

9) San Francisco-based Gap, Inc. .

A) was found guilty of engaging in unfair labor practices and of using foreign sweatshops
B) was forced to apologize for artificially raising the price of it blue jeans
C) answered its critics by requiring fair labor practices among its overseas vendors
D) created phony shell corporations to cover its use of foreign sweatshops
E) B and D

10) Gap Incorporated’s Social Responsibility Report .

A) was an effort to live up to the company’s previously established corporate code of conduct
B) uncovered thousands of fair labor violations by its overseas suppliers
C) detailed the company’s efforts to monitor the labor practices of its foreign vendors
D) All of the above.
E) None of the above.

11) When public relations practitioners seek to maintain or improve relations with local special interest groups, they are engaged in .

A) investor relations
B) community relations C) employee relations D) media relations
E) consumer relations

12) When public relations practitioners communicate on behalf of churches, foundations, or hospitals, they are most likely employed in which category of public relations jobs?

A) independent public relations consultancies
B) corporations
C) governments
D) nonprofit organizations and trade associations
E) public relations agencies

13) In which broad category of public relations jobs are practitioners least likely to have the term public relations included in their job titles?

A) governments
B) public relations agencies
C) corporations
D) independent public relations consultancies
E) nonprofit organizations and trade associations

14) The United States Code has its greatest impact upon public relations practitioners in .

A) corporations
B) public relations agencies
C) nonprofit organizations and trade associations
D) independent public relations consultancies
E) governments

15) When trying to get that first job or internship, you should
A) send form letters to as many potential employers as possible
B) try to say as little as possible about your experience
C) ask where your desk will be located
D) ask about salary and benefits in your application letter
E) thoroughly research a potential employer before applying

16) According to Professor David Dozier, persons who make policy decisions and take responsibility for the success or failure of public relations programs are known as public relations

A) technicians
B) managers
C) specialists
D) professionals
E) practitioners

17) Which of the following statements is true?

A) Corporate communicators earn the lowest salaries in public relations.
B) On average, public relations technicians earn more money than public relations managers.
C) On average, women practitioners earn more than men practitioners.
D) All of the above.
E) None of the above.


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