Lead and Plan for change by developing a process to manage change and using it to lead change events.


Skill #9: Lead and Plan for change by developing a process to manage change and using it to lead change events.

Dwight and Ike have had many conversations lately about their vision and core values for the business in light of their plans for expansion. One troubling issue they finally came to a decision on was their policy upon only hiring America wounded veterans. While both owners really want to keep up this tradition, they came to an understanding that going abroad would mean it would be harder to honor the tradition but also may make some veterans unhappy with their choices of places to expand (e.g. Viet Nam). It also seemed to them that they were limiting their employee pool and not really encouraging customer support by not hiring any person with a disability who was qualified for the jobs they offer. After all who better to understand the needs of a person who needs the use of a wheelchair than someone else who uses one? They also wondered if they should give first preference to American veterans. Still undecided on this point, Dwight and Ike want to see how good you are at leading change. They have not released their decision on this policy change. This change is important to the happiness of those employees in the company. They are proud to be a member of the staff of EC and think of the company as a way to again serve their country. Dwight and Ike want you to create a plan that will make the policy change run smoothly in this instance and in others going forward. The plan should include:


  1. By FRIDAY, complete the following:
    • Create a change plan. This includes any steps you deem Dwight and Ike should take to clarify the policy.
    • The steps, order, and ways to implement the policy change should be detailed. Consider designing the headings for the steps etc. that you are making a template for change implementation. These choices should be designed to fit any change effort that the company or you face in the future. Make sure to include the major components needed to effect change.
    • An explanation/justification as to why the steps, the order and ways of implementation were chosen should be discussed.
    • A discussion as to why the steps will be successful in creating the desired change.
    • You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.


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