[Pay for Essay] – Discuss Beyond Historical Figures in Psychology Michele P Andrasik

First, click here to navigate (Links to an external site.) to a Google Sheets repository of research published by underrepresented groups in the discipline. You will find the spreadsheet is organized into 12 different subfields of psychology (e.g., applied, clinical, developmental, etc.). Identify one of interest and click the bottom tabs to switch between subfields. Read through the references to identify an article of interest based on the article title (located directly after the year of publication). Then, note the first author’s full name and perform a Google search on that person. Begin to gather some information about this researcher so that you can share the following information with the class. Post this information as a reply to the discussion.

1) Researcher’s first and last name (middle initial if available)

2) Full reference of journal article from the Google Sheets page (you can copy and paste)

3) Find the abstract for the journal article by copy and pasting the journal article reference into Google. Read the abstract. Provide us with at 2-4 sentence summary of the research and its findings.

4) Give us background information on the first author:

a) Where are they employed? Most likely will be a college or university, but may also be

employed outside of an academic setting.

b) Current job title (e.g., professor of psychology, professor of business, etc.).

5) After gathering some background information on the researcher, how do you think their identity, cultural background, and personal experiences may have affected their work? How might these be reflected in their research?

Finally, take some time to read through your classmates’ contributions to this discussion. Take note of researchers of interest so you can follow-up and learn more about their research and careers.

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