[Pay for Essay] – Discuss Chinese Models of Health and Healing


PRESENTATION on an example of a Non Western / Non Biomedical health or healing practice.

In this discussion you will be presenting to the class research on a cultural belief or practice related to health or healing that does not fit the biomedical model. This can be from any cultural group but must be documented, not just anecdotal. You will include a minimum of one image to exemplify and inform (link: How do I embed an image in a discussion reply as a student?). Required is a minimum of 3 sources for information you are presenting, this is in addition to the photo credit(s) for the included image(s).

Posting 1 – due by Monday Week 5


  • provide information on the culture group who’s nonbiomedical health or healing practice you are presenting (10 pts)
  • identify and describe the the health related practice (12 pts)
  • include at least one (1) relevant image, under the image give a detailed caption and image credit (5 pts)
  • explain how you chose this topic to research (7 pts)
  • describe what you found to be the most interesting thing about the practice and why you found it so interesting (10 pts)
  • cite a minimum of 3 sources, include reference list at end, use MLA, APA, or Chicago style (6 pts)

Postings 2 and 3: (5 pts each) – due by Wednesday Week 5, the date the topic locks.

In separate postings, comment on at least 2 classmates’ presentations.

When you reply to your classmates’ postings, you should have engaging ideas, not simply state, “I like your presentation” or anything similar. As in a regular conversation, you would not just tell someone you like what they said without any other comment. Explain why is it you feel the way you do and bring in additional course material to bolster your argument and add to the discussion.

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