[Pay for Essay] – Discuss Inspired by Ansel Adams Interpret the Style of A Photographer

The photographer I chose is Ansel Adams.

Conceptual Requirements:

In this project, you will do your best to interpret the style of a particular photographer who interests you. You will

research them as well as their work in order to make photographs that have a signature aesthetic or approach that

is specific to them, and also add your visual/conceptual ideas. Your photographer must be on the provided list, or in

one of our class readings and resources. If they are not listed in one of these sources, please discuss with me

ahead of selecting your photographer.

Technical Requirements:

1. Start with the list on the back of this page, or any of the readings for the semseter, and start web searches for these

photographers. All the ones listed are masters in their own right and a good starting point for you to begin your

search. Select one and confirm your choice with me via email by Class #2 (see the syllabus).

2. After choosing a photographer, go on the web or to any sources you have access to, read interviews, and look at

every image you can that is made by them. Learn as much as you can and take notes on your sources.

3. Type your name, date, and “Project 3: Inspired by…” at the top of a Letter sized page. Then write a 1 page

proposal on how you will shoot this project. Be sure to include the following information:

a. Where and when they were born,

b. Where it is that they did their work,

c. What kind of camera and film formats they used,

d. Their own personal history

e. The relevance of their work in the sphere of photography (famous works, etc)

f. Formal and technical strategies they employed when making their images.

g. Most importantly, why you are drawn to the artist and how you expect to interpret their work.

h. Include in the paper, at least two samples of their work.

i. Be specific about your sources, and cite them.

4. Save your Paper as a PDF.

Name is as follows: “Lastname_Firstname_Proj1.pdf” (example: Ramirez_Camilo_Proj1.pdf)

Upload your file to our Shared Google Drive in the Project 1 Written Proposals folder by Class #3.

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