[Pay for Essay] – Discuss King Ramses of Egypt Leadership

Each presentation has a separate folder created in Presentations/Discussions BB folder. Each folder should include 3 items: PPTs with a Voice Over, Peer form and discussion forum. Firstly, you will open the PPT file and look at and listen to the presentation. Then you should fill out Peer form, providing a numeral score for the presentation you have listened to and your comments (the presenter does not fill this form and gets 10 points for this assignment automatically). Remember, each fully completed peer form is graded (10 possible points for each form), so you have to actually write thoughtful comments and suggestions to get full credit. If we have two presentation, you are to fill out 2 forms, if we have 3, 3 forms, etc.

After that you need to participate in the discussion. Each presentation should end with two discussion questions, which are copied and pasted and posted by me on the discussion forum for the presentation, You are to answer both discussion questions (3 points per question), reply/respond to at least one comment left by another student (2 points), and reply/respond to a comment left for you (2 points).

The presenter has to monitor the discussion: he/she should check in, several times a day, responding to students who left comments and answering their questions. You are graded on your discussion monitoring, so you have to check in!

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