[Pay for Essay] – Discuss on Concept of Bilingual Education

Minimum 200 words ( substantive response to the topic

While the United States does not have an officially recognized national language, 31 states have passed legislation designating English as their official language. Interestingly, according to a 2014 article in the Washington Post, 27 of these laws have passed since the 1980s. Based on this week’s readings, how do both assimilation and pluralism factor into requiring public schools to teach only in English? In your opinion, do you think all schools should be bilingual or English-only? Justify your reasoning as it relates to this often controversial topic. (The following link may provide useful if you are unfamiliar with this debate: http://education.findlaw.com/curriculum-standards-school-funding/english-only-instruction-in-public-schools.html )

PLEASE NOTE: Bilingual Education is teaching all the content/subjects in school in two or more languages – it is NOT a school that offers/requires students to take a foreign language. So if you took three years of Spanish or German in a High School where all your other classes and activities were in English, you did NOT attend a bilingual school. Several Points will be deducted if your own definition of a bilingual school is incorrect in your response.

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