[Pay for Essay] – Discuss on the US House of Representatives

Week 4: Volkomer, Chapter 7–Congress

Please respond to the discussion using 100 words or more.

Indicate here when you have read all of Volkomer Chapter 7 on “Congress.” Give here your rolling analysis of the chapter, citing specific facts to specific page numbers in the text. What are the key differences between the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate? Do you know who represents you (Links to an external site.) in each? Have you ever watched live or archived (Links to an external site.) Congressional activity on C-Span? Have you ever visited the Capitol that houses Congress in person, or virtually (Links to an external site.)? What are some of the specific powers that are unique to Congress? What are some of its powers that allow it to check the Executive branch? What are some of its powers that allow it to check the judicial branch?

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