[Pay for Essay] – Discuss Organizational Strategy and Training

Template: Design and describe your training

  1. Motivation:
  2. Learning orientation:
  3. Practice (passive/active):
  4. Fidelity:
  5. Whole/part learning:
  6. Massed/distributed practice:
  7. Training mode:
  8. Describe training:

Evaluate training effectiveness

  1. Reaction to training:
  2. Measuring learning outcomes:
  3. Training utility:

Design and describe your training. Start by thinking about the following, and then end with a description of your training process/program. I found a resource that might be helpful to you: https://www.ispringsolutions.com/blog/training-del….

1. Assume that some of your trainees might struggle with their motivation for training. Pick one of the theories we covered from Chapter 8 and explain how you will use this theory to design your training to help improve their motivation. (5 pts)

2. Assume that some of your trainees might not have a strong learning orientation. This means that they may be fixated on failures in training, making it difficult for them to learn and progress. How will you encourage them to have a strong learning orientation? (5 pts)

3. How will you build in practice for your trainees? Will you have passive and/or active practice (and why did you make this choice)? (5 pts)

4. Discuss the physical and psychological fidelity of your training. (5 pts)

5. Will you have the trainees engage in whole learning or part learning for this task? Why did you choose this approach? (5 pts)

6. Will you have the trainees engage in massed practice or distributed practice? Why did you choose this approach? (5 pts)

7. What mode(s) of training will you use and why? (5 pts)

    • Synchronous
    • Asynchronous
    • Blended
    • 8. What does the training involve and why? It is OK to include multiple types of delivery, but be mindful of your costs. (5 pts)
    • Lecture (live or recorded)
    • On the job training
    • Simulation (computer-based or hands-on/physical)
    • [other not listed]

How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your training?

1. ) Do you think your trainees will like your training? Why or why not? (5 pts)

2.) Go through the learning outcomes that you identified above. How will you measure each of these learning outcomes to demonstrate that your training was effective? (10 pts)

3.) How much will your training cost? If a senior executive asks whether your training delivers value (think: utility), what can you tell her that would help her be confident that your training will deliver outcomes that will help the company be profitable? (5 pts)

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