[Pay for Essay] – Discuss Stake Holder Involvement

This is a two part assignment


Strayer University is moving to a new HR or payroll system that is sponsored by a firm called Workday.com. You have been asked to oversee the stakeholder management aspects of this project.

  • Identify some of the key stakeholders at Strayer, and describe how you plan to keep them engaged during your year-long project. Be sure to include the appropriate methods, since not all of your stakeholders are located at the HQ office in Herndon, VA.
  • Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.



It is now important to consider how to manage project obstacles and risks. Being able to continue the progression of a project is important in the face of unpredictable conditions in the internal and external environment of an organization.


Write a one-page paper in which you:

  1. Outline the process you would use to move to a centralized structure.
    • Go back to the Week 3 assignment, Organizing HR Projects, and consider the goal of the project.
    • Conduct research on centralized and decentralized organizations and come up with three tasks that you would need to move to a centralized structure.
    • Consider methods for assigning costs to tasks and come up with the process (not the actual budget) that you would use to determine a budget.
    • Write a one-page paper outlining the process you would use.
  2. Create a WBS for the project and analyze each task using the Project Budget WBS Template [XLSX].

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