[Pay for Essay] – Discuss Stakeholders Analysis Map

For this assignment, you are going to create a stakeholder map. A stakeholder map is a network diagram of the relationships between all of the stakeholders. To make the stakeholder map, you will first read the Fyre Festival case linked below. While reading that case you need to think about and identify who Fyre Media’s stakeholders are. Remember, stakeholders are those who can affect or be affected by a business’ decision. Making a stakeholder map will help you identify who the stakeholders are and the relationships between and among the stakeholders. Some examples are provided below. Of course, your stakeholders will be more specific than the generic stakeholders identified in the second example. In other words, be as specific as possible when identifying stakeholders. Think about those that will be immediately affected (primary stakeholders) and those more external to the company’s decision (secondary stakeholders).

here is the stakeholder map picture

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