[Pay for Essay] – Errors of perception are not blunders made while examining issues

Our author suggests that many of our personal assumptions are implied and often difficult to detect. We need to be able to make assumptions as we navigate through daily life. However, some assumptions we make are “unwarranted assumptions” which negatively impact our ability to be critical thinkers. Read chapter five and my personal story in our module in preparation for this discussion.

Discussion Prompt: In 300 words or less,

“Errors of perception are not blunders made while examining issues. They are faulty ways of seeing reality, preventing us from being open-minded even before we begin to apply our critical thinking” (Ruggerio, 2015, p.104).

Read chapter 5 https://brytewave.redshelf.com/library/

Last Module I shared the story of my errors in looking at my daughter’s homework assignment. I was assuming my reality was complete, not realizing her world-view was much different. This Module I shared the story of mis-communication between a doctor and patient.

1. –Where do YOUR own errors of perception come from?

2. -How can they potentially impact your effectiveness as a critical thinker?

3. -What are some of the assumptions we make as healthcare professionals that could possibly have a negative impact? Please support your answers; you MUST use Ruggerio, you are welcome to add other sources.Use APA format for citations and reference page.

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