[Pay for Essay] – How Humans Evolved

How Humans Evolved


Robert Boyd & Joan B. Silk

Chimpanzee Behavior Essay Instructions

Read the directions and answer ONE of the questions in essay form.

  1. Identify which film you watched.
  2. Identify which question you are answering.
  3. You must include the question in the title of your essay, or in the first paragraph.
  4. Include information from the text book and the film.

Submit your assignment by attaching a file in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. NO OTHER formats will be acceptable.


Watch the film: Among the Wild Chimpanzees. Write an essay answering ONE of the questions.

Among the Wild Chimpanzees (Goodall film) questions:
(Under NO circumstances should you refer to Goodall by using only her first name. If you do, I will require that you re-write your paper and take a late penalty.)

Answer one of the questions as thoroughly and thoughtfully as possible, in an essay.

1. Can you determine what hypotheses Dr. Goodall had in mind as she conducted her research? What do you think they were? Why? Does her hypothesis fit into the theories described in your text book? If yes, which theory? Be specific. Use examples. Cite your work.

2. Is the data that Goodall collected compelling to you? That is, does it fit into the theories described in your text book? If yes, which theory? What is it, and what was her data? Be specific. Use examples. Cite your work.

3. When Dr. Goodall began her research, she was criticized for giving the chimpanzees names instead of numbers. What advantage does giving the chimpanzees names offer for her research? That is, does it fit into any of the theories described in your text book? If yes, which theory? Use information from the textbook as well as the excerpt to answer this question. Be specific. Use examples. Cite your work.



You need to follow the formatting guidelines below. Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in a loss of points for each formatting error. Read the Grading Rubric carefully.

Please read the following carefully:

° All files must have a complete heading, typed at the top of the first page that includes your name, your college name, the assignment title, and the date.

° All files must be double-spaced. Not 1.5 spaced, or 1.1 spaced, but true double spacing must be used. I need this space to insert comments.

° The pages of all papers longer than one page must be numbered.

° All papers must have 1″ margins on all four sides, and be left-justified (use a left side margin).

° All papers must use MLA documentation (or similar style) to credit all sources, including lecture and textbook material. You do NOT have to include a “Works Cited” section. In-text citations will be sufficient.

Before you turn in any piece of writing, make sure that it adheres to all of the above criteria. In addition, a good paper will consist of at least five paragraphs.

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