[Pay for Essay] – In Defense of Our Teachers

In the op-ed “In Defense of Our Teachers,” Dave Grohl, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the music band Foo Fighters, makes an argument in which he asserts that school districts need to develop extensive plans for reopening schools for fall semester instruction that emphasizes students, staff, and faculty returning safely to the classroom.

The Association of School Business Officials International, a professional association that has existed since 1910 and possesses the mission to support school business professionals and provide these professionals with knowledge to use school resources effectively, provides a sobering understanding of the additional costs American school districts may face in acquiring the resources needed to reopen schools safely in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Neither of these rhetors paints a rosy picture of what may be necessary for American public schools to reopen safely as the traditional fall semester start date approached rapidly. However, neither rhetor denies the possibility that this goal could be achieved.

For this initial discussion board post to Module 3, I would like to ask you to explore which of these two arguments is more persuasive for you regarding the measures necessary for reopening public schools safely for all who work or attend these public institutions. I would encourage you to highlight specific rhetorical choices made by the rhetor whose argument you find more convincing.

As a second and final question, what is it that one or both of these rhetors have overlooked or gotten wrong in their argument about the measures required to safely reopen American public schools. Use your own experience, knowledge, and observations to inform your response to this question.

Please post your response to this discussion question by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, July 30, 2020.

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