[Pay for Essay] – Prepare a research paper on Hawaii State Government

Complete the length as is required, is at least 5 pages. Not number of word, AT LEAST 5 PAGES IN MICROSOFT OFFICE.

Discuss the ways your Hawaii state government generates revenues. How do they balance that with expenditures?

For this assignment you are required to attend a a virtual recording of a public United States meeting. This assignment can be completed any time prior to the due date. The meeting must be open to the public and part of the planning process but can be at any level of government. You are to attend the meeting then write a executive summary (APA Format executive summary format) that might be publishable on the local government website.

The assignment should be approximately 5 pages long. It should include information such as who sponsored the meeting, what was proposed, what the reaction by those in attendance was, results of a vote, and proposed future action. The largest part of the write up should be your analysis of the main issue addressed. Think along the following lines as you compile your summary: brief overview of the issue (situated in its local context and identify its importance in that context), relate how (and if) the meeting articulates what is at stake in the issue of the house, and for which interested parties, report at what stage of the government policy making process the issue is currently at along with any relevant antecedents, outline the roles of the various participants, determine who has the most influence on this issue, etc.

Here is an example of a real summary dealing with “Downtown Financing Options.” While it is a little succinct and does not contain all of the elements outlined above, it does an excellent job of situating the issue, noting what is at stake, and organizing a wealth of information into a clear, persuasive report. You should find it useful. You may also use the references attached the further state your analysis of the meeting you viewed/watched.

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