[Pay for Essay] – What is product placement?

Product Placement and High and Low Involvement Products” Please respond to the following:

  • Watch the video titled “Product Placement” located here. Compare four products on the market today that are using product placement in TV, movies, and videogames. Identify the themes or trends that are present among these products.
  • Go to Interbrand’s Website and review its interactive charts, located at http://bestglobalbrands.com/. To access the interactive charts, first scroll down and select “Best Global Brands”, then select a brand to examine. What has made your brand selection marketable over time? Identify which external factors have occurred that have affected consumer behaviors and strategies involved in keeping the Best Global Brands on this exclusive list. Note the differences and similarities between your classmates’ brand examinations.
  • Please respond to peer posting: The ultimate goal of any marketer is to secure sales. There are many avenues that can be taken to achieve this. Deciding how a product is packaged, advertised, and introduced needs to be engineered perfectly. One way this can be accomplished is by integrating items in to popular television shows, movies, or video games. I myself do not play video games and never would have noticed this if I did not have a thirteen year old son. He plays several sporting games like Madden and Fifa. Marketers have found a way to even tap into this market. Young men are a highly sought after demographic. They are often hard to attract and do not watch a lot of live television with traditional commercials. Looking at the banners around the virtual stadiums and seeing brands like Adidas and Nike reach an intended group that otherwise would not see their advertisements on broadcast television. The message reaches their desired customers that might not have been seen otherwise. The more these video games are played, the more exposure these companies have and the stronger bottom lines they see. Advertisers have also turned to mainstream movies as a way of getting their product to the masses. The blockbuster Jurassic World shamelessly talks about major corporations vying to sponsor their newest dinosaur. They settle on Verizon Wireless as the lucky organization that will lend its name to this creation. There is no ambiguity with the amount of attention a business will get by attaching itself to a amusement part or its attractions. Even though Verizon Wireless had nothing to do with the dinosaur’s inception, adding their name will bring a large amount of attention to their business and not hurt their financial position. Likewise, Home Alone is another film that used product placement. No one could have known that thirty years later how popular those movies would still be. Both Pepsi and Coke took turns popping up in these blockbusters. Their part in the movies are highly memorable and spoke to the family audiences that enjoyed the movies. These movies stood the test of time and the product placement is still as relevant as it was three decades ago. Lastly, the small screen also has its share of product placements. Fans of The Office fondly remember Utz Potato Chips. These snacks are popular in Scranton, Pennsylvania where the show took place. Deciding to use this brand spoke to the authenticity of the geographics of the show and the viewers that tuned in. All of these companies were able to paint their products in a positive light and find their niche to speak to the intended target audiences.When I reviewed the list of the world’s best global brands, I was not surprised by who was honored. There were several I wanted to research but I settled on Disney. The happiest place on earth has never failed its visitors and that fact is one that is unlikely to change. The Disney Company started with one mouse and has grown to a worldwide empire. Disney has found a way to integrate their product into varying cultures and countries. The Disney Company umbrellas so many different kinds of entertainment that they can market to many categories. From super heroes, to Star Wars to princesses, there is something for everyone and that is one reason they have stood the test of time. Other theme parks have come and gone but Disney still is the king of family enjoyment. By always looking ahead and never letting their brand get stale, they keep themselves fresh and exciting. Disney rarely sees a down fiscal year because of their faithful following. The worldwide pandemic is the rare occurrence that has caused a slide in their profits. This changing consumer behavior, I feel, is more out of the necessity of safety and not a change with the public’s love for the brand. Being able to imagine the future light years ahead, keeps their fan based engaged and craving more. Disney is a member of the family for many households and it holds a special place in the heart of its visitors.Hawkins, D.I., Mothersbuagh, D. & Best, R.J. (2016). Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy (13th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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