[Pay for Essay] – Write a presentation on Evidence of Automation Threats in the US Economic Analysis

It is a group assignment and here is my part:

Present descriptive evidence from other times/places which matches the evidence in the article. E.g. Suppose one piece of evidence presented in the article is a graph of manufacturing employment in the US between 1990-2010. You could then find data showing manufacturing employment data from 2010 onwards in the US, manufacturing employment data between 1990-2010 in Canada etc. Suppose the article presents summary statistics e.g., % of employment in services in the US in 2018. You could then try to find, e.g., the % employed in the service industry in Canada in 2018. Don’t worry if you cant find matching statistics for ALL of the statistics but in groups of 4/5 you should be able to at least search for similar statistics and report that search. (3-4 slides).

However, for this part we have 2 people as well! I am only responsible for the last five paragraphs in the article. As the instruction says, 3-4 slides, I only need to finish my part which is about 1-2 slides. And i also need the description of each slide which I would present and understand better.

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