[Pay for Essay] – Write an essay on Post Developmental Aspects of The Co Therapy Relationship


You will write a 3-5 page self-reflection paper on your personal characteristics and preferences that may affect your group leadership style. Discuss the following questions:

    1. What personal values or beliefs do you hold that might affect your work as a group leader?
    2. What leadership style do you identify with, and why?
    3. What theoretical approach(es) to group intervention is a best fit for you? Please be sure to explain why you selected those theoretical approaches.
    4. What aspects of group leadership might be most challenging for you?
    5. Thinking about selecting a co-leader, what type of co-leader would you work best with and why?

    Remember that per the departmental grading rubric, at least three scholarly journals must be used (most strong papers will require several more). In addition, your paper must be in APA format (one-inch margins, double spaced), 3-5 double spaced pages for the body, APA style Section Headings, and a reference page.

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