Steps in developing a sampling plan.


This in an individual task. Student must answer the following questions in her/his own words, quoting relevant authors and providing examples.

1. Which are the steps in developing a sampling plan? Describe them and explain why they are important.

Student must name and define all the necessary steps and explain why they are used in the marketing field. He/she can use examples or real cases.

2. Making quality control checks is important in any marketing research? Why? Explain an example of data processing that could go wrong if quality checks are not provided.

Student must answer Yes or No in the first question and has to develop his/her answer explaining why. And then, he/she has to provide a real or imaginary (but realistic) case where marketers don’t use quality checks and its consequences.

3. Which are the different approaches to observational research? Which advantages and disadvantages observational research has over other methodologies? Chose one approach of observational research and describe an imaginary scenario where you could use it.

Student must explain the different kinds of observational research, defining them and providing relevant authors that contributed to them. Then, student must elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of observational research over other methodologies seen in class. Finally, student has to choose one approach and explain a situation where he/she would use it, always thinking in the marketing business. Which objective does he/she intend to achieve with this approach? How many days would he/she need to complete it? What resources would he/she need?

This task must be submitted as a document.


Wordcount: 1 page answer per question

Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount.

Font: Arial 12,5 pts.

Text alignment: Justified.

The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.

Submission: Week 12 – Via Moodle (Turnitin). Sunday 2nd May at 23:59h (Barcelona’s time)

The timed assignment will be made available on Moodle 48 hours before the submission deadline. Students need to complete the assignment and upload their

submission within this timeframe.

Weight: This task is a 40% of your total grade for this subject.

It assesses the following learning outcomes:

Student will be able to develop a sampling plan, knowing all its steps and the reason to do every each one of them.

Student will reflect about the importance of quality checks and he/she will use critical-thinking to predict what would happen in an scenario where

quality checks were forgotten.

Student will know all observational approaches and its advantages / disadvantages to others methodologies. And, in this way, he/she will also reflect in

the advantages and disadvantages of all the methodologies.

Student will have the opportunity to put himself/ herself conducting an observational approach reflecting about the main question he/she would have

to face.