What are the key considerations in designing a social media policy?

  • These are less than 1–2-page articles. Please skim each of them to inform your response for this week’s first discussion.
    • Progressive discipline the legal way: 7 steps. (2019). HR Specialist: Employment Law, 49(7), 2.
      • “This article is about maintaining a progressive discipline policy including documenting verbal warnings and counseling; letting employees tell their side of the story; and spelling out the consequences of inaction.”
    • Does Facebook rudeness = Hostile workplace? (2018). HR Specialist: Employment Law48(12), 3.
      • “The article discusses Medlin v. American Airlines court case which alleges a campaign of harassment on online social media Facebook and workplace harassment including threats, slander and defamation of character.”
    • Allan, R. (2017, March). Key things to consider while drafting your social media policy checklist. Legal and Compliance Excellence Essentials.
      • “The main aim of the policy is to help employees understand where the line is – and how to stay on the right side of it – and for managers to be able to identify and act appropriately in instances where the line has been crossed.”
    • Keys for developing a social media policy. (2013). Information Management, 47(6), 42–44.
      • This article gives some best practices for creating a new, or revising, a social media policy.
    • Magette, K. (2018). Keeping up with new tools in your policies. School Administrator, 75(8), 12.
      • This article provides ideas for updating a social media policy when new tools and technology become available
    • Johnson, B. (2017). Attorney’s key to social media policies: Be specific, but not too strong. Njbiz, 30(5), 17.
      • Includes legal considerations when creating social media policies as well as the wording of the policy.
    • Johnson, D. L. (2019, October 7). Nashville Trump supporter fired over Facebook post wins trial [Blog post].Northern Exposure.
      • This article illustrates the distinction between government and private organizations and First Amendment rights in social media for workers.
    • Sample Social Media Policy
    • Sample Social Media Policy [PDF].
      • Use this as a resource for your first discussion this week.
    • NLRB and Social Media
    • National Labor Relations Board. (n.d.). The NLRB and social media. Retrieved from https://www.nlrb.gov/rights-we-protect/rights/nlrb-and-social-media
      • This web page defines “protected, concerted activity” in terms of social media policy.
  • Write Your Discussion Post
    Social Media Policy

    • What are the key considerations in designing a social media policy?
    • What are the primary challenges and risks when formalizing a social media policy?
    • Who should be involved in the design and review of the final policy?


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