Write a program that displays the top N most occurring words in a file along with the number of times the word appeared.

Restrictions and Requirements

  • No global variables may be used
  • Your submission must contain at least 2 or more .cpp files and one or more .h files
  • Your submission must have at least 3 user-defined functions in it in addition to main

Problem Description

Write a program that displays the top N most occurring words in a file along with the number of times the word appeared.

  • Words should be displayed from most commonly occurring to least commonly occurring
  • A word is considered to be 1 or more consecutive nonwhitespace characters
  • Case does not matter when counting words
    • HELLO and hello are to be considered the same word
  • When displaying the most commonly occurring words they should all be displayed in lowercase
  • When counting a word all leading and trailing non-alphabetical,  non-numeric characters should be removed for a more accurate count
    • For example
      • hello
      • hello,
      • hello.
      • hello;
      • !!$#%hello<>?/ Are all considered to be the same word
    • The complete list of special characters is: ,.:;”|!@#$%^&*()_+-=[]{}<>?/~`’
  • If multiple words tie for most commonly occurring they should all be displayed
    • These words should be displayed in alphabetical order
  • You should ignore the following words when counting the most commonly  occurring words because they are so frequent and aren’t interesting
    • a, an, and, in, is, it the
  • If there are fewer than N unique occurrences of a word all words should be displayed
    • For example, if there were 5 unique words in a file but the user  asked to display the top 10 words then only the top 5 will be displayed  as there are only 5 words in the file


All input will be valid

Command Line Arguments

  1. The path to the file
    • Required
  2. N, the number of top words to find
    • Optional
    • If N is not given it should default to 10


  • When opening the file to read from it make sure to use only an  ifstream and not an fstream. This is because you only have read  permissions on the files on Mimirand opening a file with an fstream  requires both read and write permissions. Since you don’t have write  permissions attempting to open a file with an fstream in testing will  cause you to fail with weird behavior.
  • The algorithm library contains many useful functions for helping to solve this problem
  • You will find maps to be incredibly useful in solving this problem
    • By default, a map will sort the values in ascending order. You can  change this by providing a comparator function. Take a look back at the example we did in class for a refresher on how to do this.


Assume that shake_it_off.txt contains the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off” which can be found here: shake_it_off.txt

./TopCommonWords shake_it_off.txt 5 
1.) These words appeared 78 times: {shake}
2.) These words appeared 70 times: {i}
3.) These words appeared 44 times: {off}
4.) These words appeared 21 times: {gonna}
5.) These words appeared 15 times: {break, fake, hate, play}
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