Your manager wants to investigate moving to a simpler more streamlined way of doing business.

Week 8 University Memo


This references the University database from Week 5. The university database contains several entities and several relationships between them. You should refer back to readings in earlier weeks of the course, in particular during Module 1 Database Concepts, Weeks 1-2.


Your manager wants to investigate moving to a simpler, more streamlined way of doing business. She thinks that SQL is too complicated for staff and has asked you to make a flat file with an alternate arrangement of the student data (e.g. similar to an Excel file).


You will NOT create the flat file, but for information the flat file would include columns for:

· Student first and last name

· Student major

· Student GPA

· Course number, description, and units

· Offering term

· Faculty first and last name


You have some concerns about moving your entire university operations out of SQL to this flat file format.


Write your boss a memo,

· Outlining any concerns or hesitations you have about moving to this format for management of your data.

· Include the pros and cons of the relational database format and the flat file format.

· Be sure to think critically, and include at least TWO problematic use case scenarios. A ‘problematic use scenario’ would be a specific example of how converting the database to a flat file would create a ‘use’ problem for the university and university staff in managing data.


Additional instructions

· Be sure to review the PowerPoint presentation (in pdf format) Effective Professional Memo Writing that accompanies these instructions.

· Your memo may benefit from outside research, however, the entire memo must be in your own words. Any ideas or concepts used from the course content in earlier weeks (in particular the Database Concepts Module) need only have ‘basic attribution’ (mention the source, the article, presentation and/or the author, but full APA documentation is not required).

· Paragraph text should be single spaced with ONE ‘hard return’ (Enter) after each paragraph and after each section subtitle. Note: Do not create a new ‘paragraph’ after each sentence. A single sentence is not a paragraph.

· Be sure to remove any remaining ‘placeholder’ text in the template file before submitting.

· The length of the template that you download is NOT the intended length of the entire memo. Your completed memo should be between 1.5 pages and 2 pages (total document, including the To:/From:/Re:/Subject header).



A page target of 1.5 – 2 pages, single spaced is suggested; however, there are no length requirements or restrictions. You must use the attached template for the assignment, without changing any fonts.


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