ASA College Ethical Dilemma of Abortion Essay

The topic that you are going to choose should be as it required. Your work should look professional, because it is for my Term project.


1. Abortion

2. Gun control

3. Animal research/Animal Experiment

You should choose one of these topics to write about. You can go and search from Internet resources to get information about these topics. For writing about these kind of topics it is easy to find Google Scholars. You should write about everything for the topic of your choice. (Advantages and disadvantages, history of it, future of it, in today’s life, positives and negatives of it and others)

Lynn University Friedrich Nietzsche on Morality Discussion

  1. What does Nietzsche mean by “master-morality” and “slave morality?” Can you see examples of this comparison in our own society today? Make sure you quote from the text when answering this question.
  1. Comment on Donald Trump’s meteoric, yet improbable, rise to power, becoming the president of the United States. It what way does he embody the Uber Mensch that Nietzsche describes and aspires toward? In what way is it different? Give examples!
  2. How does Nietzsche’s position come to bear on your own research topic? What would he say to your area of research?

Stratford University Challenges to Diversity Essay

Write a 3 pages (double-spaced) essay on your experience of discrimination. Choose a specific incident or incidents when you felt discriminated against, either because of racial prejudice or because of prejudice based on another characteristic (religion, national origin, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic situation). Alternatively, choose an incident or incidents when you observed discrimination against another person and/or group. Draw from the resources provided in Lesson 6 to support your claims. Structure your paper using the below guideline:

  • INTRODUCTION (1 paragraph): Include a thesis statement where you explain the overall point you are making about how you have experienced or observed discrimination and what that tells us about challenges to diversity.
  • BODY (3 paragraphs): Include a paragraph describing the incident or incidents in detail, a paragraph discussing your response and the incident’s effect on you, and a paragraph where you use 1-2 sources from Lesson 6 to provide context for the incident and explain what it tells us about challenges to diversity. Place the paragraphs in an order that makes logical sense.
  • CONCLUSION (1 paragraph): Restate your thesis. Explain why discussing discrimination and/or racism helps us better understand diversity and how to function in a diverse world.

OCC Critical Thinking Nietzsche Enemies of Truth Convictions & Lies Discussion

The German philosopher Nietzsche (1844-1900) wrote:

Enemies of truth. Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.

What are convictions, in the sense at issue here? Why might convictions be ‘dangerous enemies of the truth’? Link this idea to Moore and Parker’s idea of Critical Thinking.

PHIL 121 SUNY at Binghamton Methods of Reasoning On Bullshit Essay

Short Writing Assignment on “On Bullshit”

Task: Write a short (2-3 page) essay addressing one of the following prompts.

Some details: All essays should present and evaluate Frankfurt’s account of bullshit. Essays should include a thesis statement, which presents the central claim to be defended. You will be assessed on the accuracy of your presentation of Frankfurt’s view, your organization and thesis statement, the clarity of the writing, your positive proposal/critique, and such things as creativity.


  1. “Bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are”. Discuss this remark of Frankfurt’s and evaluate it.
  2. Frankfurt raises “The problem of understanding why our attitude toward bullshit is generally more benign than our attitude toward lying”, but leaves its solution as an exercise to the reader. After explaining the difference between lying and bullshit, according to Frankfurt, pose a solution to this problem.
  3. What, according to Frankfurt, is the difference between the liar and the bullshitter. Is he correct?

*Note: you will not be able to adequately respond to any of these prompts without including an overview of Frankfurt’s theory. To do this in a short space you will need to understand the theory well and write concisely. *

HU 260 Grantham University Overcoming Cognitive Basis Reflective Posters

It is easy to be taken in by cognitive biases, especially given that they operate at a subconscious or non-rational level. It is therefore important that we be aware of them. Accordingly, this week’s assignment will be a poster project in which you design warning posters. You will be creating three warning posters for three different cognitive biases. A warning poster might look something like this:

Here is a direct link to the image.

Begin by selecting three cognitive biases covered in this week’s reading or lectures. Using an online tool or application such as Microsoft Word, create three warning posters that explain the dangers behind the three cognitive biases you have selected. Each warning poster should contain the name of the cognitive bias, a very brief explanation of what it is, a message on how to avoid falling into it, and at least one image. All three posters should be different.

Bryan Magee Interviews with Hubert Dreyfus John Searle & Chomsky Discussion

You are supposed to watch three interviews on YouTube between between Bryan Magee and

1) Hubert Dreyfus on Heidgger

2) with John Searle on Wittgenstein

and 3) with Chomsky on Chomsky’s own philosophy

You should type a one-page “response” for each interview (just say what you found most interesting about the interview).

HCCS Sandra the ESL Instructor Burnor & Raley Making Moral Judgments Discussion


Write approximately two paragraphs. Include the following in your answer.


Burnor & Raley Chapter 4: Making Moral Judgments

Read the moral scenario described in the Introduction section pp. 70-71.

1. Describe which different sorts of normative claims (prudential, legal, moral, etc.) that might play a role in Sandra’s decision about what to do. Be specific about what the claims would be and what type of normative claim they are.

2. Briefly describe what you think she should do about Jose and why. (1 paragraph)

CNDV 5320 Lamar University Multicultural Existence Paper

Culture and race are terms that often are used interchangeably. However, culture can vary within a race and it is important to understand the ways in which culture varies by geographic region, socioeconomic background, education, and other variables. While a course in multicultural counseling often focuses on race, it is important to look at cultural differences/similarities as well. Because many counseling models have been developed for the majority population, multicultural courses have often neglected to include discussions about European Americans. Cultural differences for European Americans can be just as distinct as those between individuals of two races.

Assignment 4 will help you to examine strategies for improving your multicultural competence and for providing services to European Americans.


Read your textbook chapters and review the assigned video. To complete this assignment, address the following questions (one or two pages).

  1. What are some of the unique challenges faced by European Americans? (1-2 paragraphs)
  2. What can you do to increase your level of multicultural competence in working with individuals from various European American backgrounds? (1-2 paragraphs).
  3. What stereotypes should counselors of European Americans be aware of and work to avoid?
  4. Reflect on your learning experience related to multicultural counseling and counseling European Americans across the lifespan. Discuss how you can better serve clients from these cultural backgrounds in your school or clinic (2-4 paragraphs).