Can a GhostWriter or someone Take my Online Class?

Yes, You can hire a ghostwriter to take your online class. We have experts ready to handle your entire course at an affordable fee. We will take care of coursework from the first-week assignment to the last assignment. We take care of every discussion post, quiz, term paper, case study, and assignment available in class. We guarantee you a passing grade of A or B. From experience, we deliver As of 8 classes out of 10. You can transfer the stress today by hiring our writers and doing anything you like, like your hobbies.

How much does hiring an expert to take my online class cost?

The cost of hiring an expert to take care of your entire course depends on the course content. Typically a class costs $100 to get all assignments fo the week done and submitted. So if a class is eight weeks, completing it may cost $800. Some online courses are technical, which can increase the price of your course to $150. Some classes are simple and don’t have many assignments, and the pricing can be as little as $60 per week. To know how much your class will cost, visit us today and share your class details with our support representatives, which can be found on the live chat in the bottom right of every page of our website

How do we take your online course? Is it secure?

Assigning your online class assignments to use is secured to keep you safe and your information secure. We have admin writers who take each assignment in the class and assign them to one single writer who will complete them and have consistency in writing. We do not allow writers to access your course directly to protect your privacy and ensure your information is safe.