How Our Essays Writing Service Works

First Step: Post your Homework Question

The first step is to submit your homework instructions. To do so click on ORDER NOW and fill in the form with your homework instructions details. Put the instruction for your question in the instruction section. Attach all the relevant materials such as the rubric or case study to the attachment section. A price quote will pop up showing you the cost of the assignment. Next, click on submit to submit the instructions. Finish the posting process by proceeding to payments so that your question is visible to writers.

Second step: The  actual writing process

After payment is complete, your question will be visible to our writers and they will place a bid on it. You can select a writer of your choice you like for the writer bid list. If you post and pay for your order and don’t select a writer don’t worry, Our support team is always keen on deadlines and assigned orders that haven’t been assigned to any person. If you aren’t sure of a good writer its always good to leave your order unassigned. The assigned writer will write your homework and deliver it according to the stipulated deadline.

Third step: Completion and Review of the paper

After a writer is done with your paper, it’s sent to our quality control team to check to ensure it’s free from errors and plagiarism-free. The paper is then uploaded to the website and marked as complete. You can log in and access it in the “completed Order”.

Forth step: Download the answer

After your homework is complete, you will get an email notification to signify completion. You can log in and check the completed order and download the answer. Check everything and ensure you have received what you needed. If the paper is what you need you can approve the order and rate the writer. If the essay written is not what you want you can ask for a revision or cancel and ask for a refund. All our essay writing experts are experienced and the paper is reviewed by the quality control team therefore its rate to get an order delivered is not what you needed.