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topic Proposal Statement

Underfunded mental health serviced as a public health issue

Would underfunding the mental health system as a Public Health Issue Decrease Rates of anxiety and bipolar disorders for 10 million people?

From a future Nurse’s perspective

Cristina Guevara

January 27, 2021

West Coast University

Kathryn Ayres, MA RD LDN


Topic Description

The financing of mental health is very crucial in developing the quality and shape of mental health systems. In the past years, mental health has been an unrecognized field in many countries. Many national governments of developing countries offer limited public expenditure to the mental health system (Liese, Gribble & Wickremsinhe, 2019). According to World Health Organization, the emergence of COVID 19 has also contributed to the health system’s underfunding since most funds are used in controlling the rising cases. Unresolved health issues have resulted in the increasing burden of disease attributing to our population’s neurological and mental conditions.

Problem Statement

Several mental conditions are affecting human beings, with the major ones being anxiety and bipolar disorders. These disorders mostly affect people in the youth stage. According to America’s anxiety and depression association, this mental condition is highly treatable, but only 37% of about 10 million patients receive their treatment. The main reason contributing to a small number of treatments is insufficient funds to employ medical health practitioners. It is only under a physical examination by a psychologist that one will be diagnosed with the disorder; hence many suffer from the diseases but are not treated. The statistics stated of people with mental conditions in America and their increasing burden prompts the research on the underfunding of mental health as a public health issue.

Purpose of Topic

Public health is a science that deals with protecting human health and the improvement of their health standards to prolong life. The art of promoting good health and preventing diseases among the members of the public is public health. Public health issues are discussed and addressed in all countries since healthcare is vital. Discussing public health issues is important as it contributes to the improvement of health standards, resulting in the prolonging of life. The purpose of this paper is to present evidence that approaching underfunding mental health as a public health perspective would decrease anxiety and bipolar disorders for a population of 10 million people.

Underfunding mental health in the public health system is an exciting topic to study. The fascinating thing is the key focus on the anxiety and bipolar medical conditions that revolve around psychology. Psychology is the study of mind and behavior and explains why human beings do things they do them. Ignorance to mental issues can result in great burdens in a country; hence mental health should be taken seriously. Good research on how mental health is underfunded is relevant in the public health sector as it would highlight areas that need improvement and how to protect the lives of human beings.

Exploring the problem of underfunding mental health would result in recognition of the mental health system. Countries with highly neglected mental health departments would include mental health in one of their sustainable development goals with the key focus of bettering the country’s people. Moreover, the study will also lead to the creation of new connections among countries, which would be evidenced in the training and employment of new medics. A new theory would also be introduced to give mental health key preferences as other health departments. Ultimately, the public health sector’s improvement will result in the creation of a sober community with a prolonged life.


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