[Pay for Essay] – Discuss Online Skills for Program Development

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of the other learners and respond to the initial post of at least one. Follow up with the learner by suggesting additional skills that would be useful in his or her program development efforts.

Student post down below:

The process of developing a program proposal requires both primary and secondary skills. Calley (2010) describes the priority skills that are based on the comprehensive program development and secondary skills that are needed to complete the proposal (p.308). The priority skills include the ability to develop a rationale for the program through identifying a need and target populations, ability to establish a research basis for program design to effectively address the needs, ability to consider multicultural aspects in program design, ability to design an effective clinical program, ability to design a staff and organizational structure to effectively implement the program, ability to develop an effective budget that directly ties program intervention to outcomes and the ability to design an evaluation program that effectively assesses the program outcomes (Calley, 2010, p. 308). When considering the program for the Ruby Lake Food Pantry, the evidence of need and the multicultural aspects are in the forefront. In addition to the necessary funding and budgets, which can be considered the priority basic skills. The secondary skills are considered the additional skills needed, such as the writing of the proposal, the flow of ideas, organizing as well as compliance. Having a collaborative team to develop and write the propral for the Ruby Lake Food Shelf would be important as everyone comes with their own sets of skills that can add to the proposal and assist in the development of the program. In regard to this program development, Spanish speaking participants and or a team member who is familiar with the client population that is to be targeted, would be an important aspect of this collaboration.

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