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g for my class.

Understand and Reconstruct Code Using a Sample Program

Use identifiers and follow naming conventions to name variables or objects, constants, methods and classes. Watch the link and create a study guide to remember the important terms:


Program using statements and expressions

Explore Java data types and operators by watching the video:

Explore numeric primitive data types, perform operations using mathematical operators, perform advanced operations such as exponents, logs, etc. using the math class built-in methods, shorthand operators, increment and decrement.

More on Java Fundamentals

Writing and evaluating statements: b) Type conversion or cast values from one numeric data type to anotherc) Post-increment and pre-increment.

Read the page and create a visual outlining the different statements: Expressions and Statements


Step 4: Code Styling and Program Readability

a)Inline and block comments

b)b) Line of code Indentations


Given a simple Java program that performs calculations, list the variables (or objects) using identifiers and types, the value stored in those variables, and identify the expression in the assignment statement. State whether there is an increment or decrement of values.

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