summarize your career plans with the Master of Arts, Special Education degree

Need Initial Post of two discussion of 350 words minimum for each.

week 5 Discussion

Collaborative Transition Teams

Your written response to this discussion prompt assesses your ability to (a) summarize effective methods to communicate with all stakeholders, considering their individual interests, priorities and cultural differences for programming of students with disabilities and to (b) summarize the collective decision-making and planning responsibilities for transition teams.

In this discussion, you will be creating a database of resources that will be useful for collaborative teams that provide transition services. Imagine that you are part of the transition team for Kara, who is depicted in Chapter 16 of your textbook, “Snapshot: Transition Planning for Kara:”

Kara, a student at Washington High School, will be turning 16 next month. She lives at home and loves to be with her friends. Her IEP indicates that she has difficulty with reading and written communication. Kara and her mother recently participated in a team meeting that included Kara’s special education teacher, a vocational educator, the school principal, and a job coach. A job coach is generally an individual who accompanies an employee to a job, learns the essential functions of the job, and provides strategies and supports for the employee to do the job. The team reviewed the plans for making a transition to the community after Kara finishes high school. The priorities that the team identified were developing self-advocacy skills, considering postsecondary educational opportunities in the community, and completing applications for summer employment.
Based upon (Cohen & Spenciner, 2009, p. 469)

You will assume the role of one of the following characters: general education teacher, special education teacher, vocational educator, administrator, or job coach. Once this is determined, you will identify one of the following categories from the Life Centered Career Education (LCCE) transition categories: daily living skills, personal-social skills, or occupational guidance and preparation (Brolin, 1993).

Initial Post: In your initial post, you will:

  • Describe, in non-education lingo, what your chosen LCCE category means.
  • Identify three to five resources that your character could utilize to carry out the chosen transition category. Cite and annotate each one.
  • Explain to Kara, her mother, and the rest of the transition team why you chose the resources.
  • Based on your role as a member of the transition team, summarize how you plan to contribute to the shared decision-making and planning responsibilities for the transition team.

For further information about the LCCE transition services, please see the Career Education Curriculum section in Chapter 16 of your textbook (p. 486). Additionally, read the Instructor Guidance on Career Education Curriculum.

week 6 Discussion


Course Reflection

Initial Post: Post an initial, post addressing the following:

  • In a paragraph, summarize your career plans with the Master of Arts, Special Education degree, which may be the same summary you provided in the Post Your Introduction discussion, or a revised version, if your career plans have evolved since posting in that discussion.
  • In a paragraph, explain how this course supports your career plans and overall professional goals.
  • List three areas of learning from this course that you learned the most from. Describe the listed items in detail.
  • List three areas of learning from this course that you want to learn more about. More specifically, in as much detail as possible, explain what you would like to learn .


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