A short answer short Hstory Question

What is a short answer?
A short answer is one full paragraph that accomplishes a few things: first, you need to answer the question you are asked directly. If the question says, “Is it true that…” you need to respond, “Yes, it is true that…” or “No it is not true that….” Second, you need to be able to move back and forth from argument to details/facts/data. Can you give specific facts and details from this class to prove your point? You should not draw on outside sources. The whole point of an exam is to show you were paying attention to lectures, readings, assigned films, etc.

You should spend roughly 20 minutes writing(not researching!) your answer. This means that you do not have time to look at lecture slides, read course material, watch films, etc. once the test has begun. You must review in order to do well.

Do I have to study anything else besides what’s on this review sheet?
Nope. A word of advice: do NOT study from google searches. Look through your lecture notes and assignments for the answers! There is a LOT of content about NYC history online and it’s not always accurate.

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