Chicano LatinX Theatre Discussio

1) In LOS VENDIDOS, we see Chicano Stereotypes explored.  In ZOOT SUIT, we see characters struggling to fight against the stereotypes that the world has placed on them.  Discuss stereotypes that you experience in your world.  How do stereotypes hurt society?  Is there ever a time when they are useful?

2) In ZOOT SUIT, Valdez played with theatricality.  He went back and forth between realism and stylization.  How did this affect the storytelling?  How did the character of EL PACHUCO, who spoke directly to the audience, affect how you saw the story unfold?  Did it work for you?  Why or why not?

3) Many in the LatinX/Chicano industry believe that still not enough is being done to give proper representation for the LatinX/Chicano experience in Hollywood.  In your experience as a viewer, do you feel things are changing?  Why or why not?  What do you think would help more?

4) Herbert touched on many elements of the Chicano/LatinX theatre movement, why we make art, the struggles of the business, etc.  What resonated most with you and why?  Be detailed.


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