Chinese Climate Discussion FootHill

1 . Chinese Climate Discussion?(300-400 words)

Add specific evidence from the assigned readings/videos to SUPPORT  ???Please watch two Youtube videos and Nolan Peter, HuanghoFo lecture PDF

Question? 1) What’s the future of capitalism in China based on its recent history? Is China buying the world?

2) What does the question “is China buying the world” mean and what motivates the question? Why have foreign (especially American) anxieties increased in recent years—and why should China care?

3) What does any of this week have to do with the climate crisis?

2 Global Health Discussion (300-400 wrods)

One widely-used approach to thinking about biomedical ethics (which you saw in last week’s reading) is based on four basic principles: Watch PPT lecture 7 Ethics

  1. Beneficence (doing good / providing benefits)
  2. Non-maleficence (“do no harm”)
  3. Respect for auton

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