External World Radical Skepticism Argumentative Essay

Guidelines: Select One Topic (and only one)

Plagiarism of any kind will result in a grade of zero.

This writing exercise should be 2 more pages. Use MLA guidelines.

All references should be properly documented. Using MLA guidelines, properly document any references or ideas that are not your own.


The purpose of this assignment is for you to intellectually explore a topic, issue, problem, or figure relevant to our course material. The readings from our course should be your primary “source”. Practice standards of good writing. Have a clear thesis. Devise evidence for your thesis. Make a sound, logically constructed argument. Proofread vigorously. Correct English grammar is expected.


(1) In considering Personal Identity watch: T.V. Episode “Which is Joseph Creeley” Naked City (Season 3, Episode 7, 1958 by Arthur Hill). What theory of personal identity is being articulated by the State? What theory is being articulated by the defense? Who wins the debate and why?

(2) After Reading chapter 8 (Moral Philosophy), consider the film Boomerang!, (1947) by Elia Kazan. How does this film argue in favor of Kantianism and radically against Utilitarianism? (Hints: Think about Kant’s view of persons and the respect that we owe them as members of the moral community. Think of the accused man and the district attorney’s decision to defend him. Why would Kant recommend such a defense? Why would Utilitarian recommend against such a defense.)

(3) Consider philosophical skepticism as discussed in chapter 5. Could someone disprove radical external world skepticism? If yes, how? If not, why not and what does this mean?

(4) Consider the film Memento, 2000, by Christopher Nolan. Analyze “Lennie” in terms of the various theories of personal identity discussed in chapter 6. What theory is the film-writer probably promoting? Why?

You have to base the book to write the essay, when you decide to choose which topic that you read which chapter.

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