[Free Essay] Avoid Feeding Stray Animals for these Reasons

Avoid Feeding Stray Animals for these Reasons

Stray animals are animals that live on the streets or away from human habitats due to various reasons. Stray animals can be on the streets because they are abandoned by the owners or, perhaps, lost their way home. It is normal to have the urge to feed stray animals around your home or in the streets.

Stray animals typically depend on the garbage for food and, as such, will lurk around your house if you keep your trash outside and if your home is easily accessible to them. You can be tempted to feed the stray animals the remnants of food from your home instead of disposing of it. However, while this can be noble, you should hold back on frequently feeding stray animals.
Here are some reasons to avoid feeding stray animals.

Stray Animals Carry Diseases

Stray animals carry various diseases in their bodies. While you may not come into contact with them directly, parasites from the fur of stray animals can fall on the ground and eventually make their way into your house. Fleas that carry diseases are also commonly on the bodies of stray animals and can easily transmit deadly diseases. Also, if stray animals are near your home, they can spread diseases through contaminated feces.
You May Attract a large Number of Stray Animals.

Animals will always follow each other to places where they can find food easily—as such, feeding one stray animal may eventually attract more. As time passes, you will notice a large group of animals on standby near your home, always waiting for the food you graciously supply. The problem with attracting a large group of stray animals is you double up on disease and property damage threats.
They Will Make a Habitat Within Your Property

When stray animals find a constant supply of nourishment from your home when you feed them, they will never leave. The animals will always stay in sight so that they can get fed. The stray animals will eventually make a habitat on your property and might even cause destruction.
Stray Animals are a Danger to Your Pets

Stray animals are a threat to the health and safety of your pets. The animals may physically attack and harm your pets if they get near your property. Additionally, as aforementioned, stray animals carry diseases, which can also spread to your pets and endanger their health.
Stray Animals Can be Aggressive

Stray animals that live in the streets or the wild tend to be aggressive and can threaten your safety. Rabies is a common disease with stray animals, and one of the symptoms is aggressiveness. Consequently, your kindness in feeding stray animals can turn tragic if the animal attacks you.

Notice Stray Animals on Your Property? Contact Shumaker Animal Removal

Refraining from feeding stray animals is one step towards maintaining your health and safety. You also need to protect your property and pets from the animals, and the best way is to get humanely rid of them. Shumaker animal removal can offer the humane removal of stray animals from your property quickly and effectively.

Stray animals can attack you if you try to get rid of them. Our professionals at Shumaker animal removal can come in handy to help you. We will also seal any openings in your property to ensure no re-entry of stray animals.
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