Gender Roles In Interview Report

For this fieldwork assignment, I would like you to explore how gender roles have changed in the last generation.

Interview someone at least age 65 (if you are close to 65, find someone a generation older or younger than you).

Ask that person: What kind of changes in gender roles, gender relations, gender restrictions or privileges have occurred within your lifetime? After you conclude your interview, compare notes with others to find common threads. Then ask someone closer to your age what changes they anticipate may happen their lifetime?

Type up your report in a short format with your questions, who you interviewed, and their responses. Be sure to include a brief reflection on what you learned (3-5) pages, no style guide necessary). Share your results here in the discussion area.

Once you have completed your report, you will post it in the discussion forum called, Gender Interview. Then you will need to read and comment on two of your peers’ reports.

Report Expectations

  1. Name and Date
  2. Interview Length
  3. Interview Location
  4. Describe who you interviewed
  5. List of questions and answers for both interviewees
  6. Your reflections

Page length not to exceed 5 pages, preferably around 3 pages double-spaced. No style guide necessary. It would be nice if you could copy and paste it into the discussion area AND attach it as a document. It is easier for your classmates to read in the discussion area, and it is easier for me to grade as an attachment.

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