Impacts of Roads on Wildlife Research Paper

  1. Choose your MASTER TOPIC by going to the “Choose Your Master Topic” link in Canvas. This is an individual project, so even if another student has your same topic, you work alone.
  2. Read the instructions below and create your 10 minute video presentation on your chosen topic. You should have a minimum of one slide per minute of video. This is just a minimum, create the number of slides that makes sense for your presentation. See rubric below for additional guidance on grading. There are many ways to create your presentation video and you do not need to show your face unless you want to. That will be your choice. You can do a slide deck or animation, but at minimum I need to hear your voice clearly speaking on your topic and see some visuals (preferable a slide deck, but if you want to get creative with more artistic pieces you can) and these two things need to be paired into a video format. Think of this as a mini-lecture that you would give to educate fellow De Anza student’s about your topic, assuming they know very little to nothing about your particular special topic. You should have one slide at the end with your citations. Any video under 5 minutes will receive a zero.
  3. Upload a page with JUST your Hyperlink (this can be any outside video storage site like Vimeo, loom, or youtube – these are examples, it can be any platform though) to your finished video to the Canvas folder (for grading) AND post that same hyperlink to our the discussion board in Canvas so that our classmates can view and summarize your video. Do not record straight to PowerPoint since it will be difficult for you to create a video file to upload. You will post your URL in two separate places.

I would need an entire PowerPoint presentation slides of about 15-20 slides with a document that I can read from of at least 1000-1500 words. Preferably just enough to make the presentation about 10mins.

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