International Finance Presentation

Upload a 5 – 15 minute video of you explaining the contents of one of the two following articles:

 + update since the time of the article (your own research (with special focus on exchange rate, debt, and BOP accounts)


Note: You can choose either article but the second article is much more challenging. Students that feel “on top” of the content and want to really get the most out of this class can choose this one. There are questions at the end of it that I use for in-class discussion – your job is not to simply answer those, it is to explain the article (you can of course answer some of those within your presentation if you feel it is important).

For full credit:

  • use supply and demand forex graph(s) as you explain the movement of the currency
  • show yourself as you discuss the topic
  • have an engaging set of slides/pictures/graphics to accompany your discussion – do not put too many words on the slides
  • provide background, as needed, so a person not familiar with this topic can follow along (do not assume knowledge)
  • do not simply read a script – know the content well enough to talk about it while using your graphics to guide. When you record, use the pause button so that you don’t have to do the whole presentation in one take.
  • no videos should be used as part of your presentation (other than the one you are making I guess)
  • do not wait until the last minute to do this
  • don’t even worry about your grade or feel pressure – this is just a chance to learn… and to teach! (The best way to learn is to teach after all…)

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