Meads Reflexivity in Absentia Paper

As mentioned in lecture, although the “reflexivity” of George Herbert Mead is the norm for human behavior, it is never an “all or none.”  Can you share with the class a scenario when you acted BEFORE you thought?  In other words, demonstrate that Mead is “correct” and Watson “incorrect” that as humans we think before we act in most circumstances.  And when we don’t, it can have negative outcomes!

And reply One classmate:

Mead’s “Reflexivity” in Absentia

A scenario where I have acted before thinking that I can think of clear as day actually happened recently at work. Some background context is that I work at a shoe store that sells non slip shoes for restaurants- employees from those restaurants come to my store, mention the company’s name when we check them out and they receive a 30% off discount. So two weeks ago I overheard this couple talking about donuts while they waited for my coworker to ring them out at the cash register. When she finally rang them out the guy asked my coworker if he could get a discount. I butted in for no reason without realizing what I was about to say and I said, “Yeah only if you hook it up with donuts.” After I said that I felt all eyes on me and we were all quiet for a few seconds. I then realized that I was in the wrong for not only interrupting their conversation and for asking for a discount in return for a discount that I am obligated to give. Easily the couple could have made a complaint to my management department that day but instead the couple laughed. Once they started laughing, I laughed along with them nervously wondering what is about to happen next. The guy looks at me and tells me that he is the owner of the donut shop and he invites me and my coworker to the shop for free donuts when ever we wanted to go. I then told him I was joking about the comment I made but he said that he isn’t and that we are welcomed to stop by when ever. Thankfully the guy was really cool and didn’t complain if not I don’t know what my manager who have said.

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