My hero is John Lewis, a civil rights leader who fought for racial justice and human rights

My hero is John Lewis, a civil rights leader who fought for racial justice and human rights throughout his life. He was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement, a member of the Freedom Riders, and a march organizer of the iconic 1963 march on Washington (Britannica, 2022). His courage and tenacity are legendary, and he continued to fight for social justice throughout his life.

John Lewis is an example of a modern-day hero, with his selfless acts of courage and commitment to social justice. His courage and dedication to the cause of civil rights were unparalleled, and he put his own life at risk for the cause of justice and equality (Britannica, 2022). His commitment to using nonviolent protest to push for change is an example of his selflessness and courage. As a leader of the civil rights movement, he continually fought for justice and equality, and his actions helped to move the country forward.

John Lewis is different from mythological heroes in that he was a natural person who made a tangible difference in the world. His commitment to justice and equality was not one of the grand heroic deeds like those of the ancient heroes but of a lifelong struggle for social justice (Britannica, 2022). The ancient heroes were larger-than-life figures who accomplished magnificent feats, while John Lewis was a natural person who made a difference by standing up for what was right and fighting for social justice (De Temmerman, 2014).

The difference between a hero and a villain is that a hero is admired for courage, selflessness, and dedication to a cause. They are willing to put their own life at risk for the greater good and are often seen as symbols of justice and right (De Temmerman, 2014). A villain is seen as an enemy of justice and right, and their actions are often cruel and selfish. Villains are often the opposite of heroes and are seen as a source of evil and destruction. In terms of heroism, both ancient and modern heroes are characterized by courage and selflessness. Ancient heroes were often larger-than-life figures who accomplished great deeds, while modern heroes often take on causes that are less grand in scope but still require courage and commitment. Modern heroes are often people who fight for social justice, and their courage and dedication to their cause are what make them heroic.

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