Parenting Styles and Developmental Outcomes

Please use four resources. the first two is not from the documents I provided. The other two is from the document I provided.

all the requirement is in the document, if you need to know anything, please let me know.

Please carefully read all the requirements ******

General Description: The goal and purpose of this first project is to help you investigate how the

parenting context affects the growth and development of children and adolescents. To do so, you

will need to examine and evaluate the different parenting styles and the associated developmental outcomes. In addition, you will need to describe how two other contexts are linked to

these parenting styles (i.e., community, society, culture). You are required to use a minimum of

two peer-reviewed sources to describe the parenting styles and to discuss developmental

outcomes associated with these parenting styles. You will also need to use a minimum of two

additional peer reviewed sources that link parenting styles to the two additional contexts (thus a

total of 4 peer reviewed sources is required). This project is worth 20 points and should be

approximately 4-5 pages in length. You can write more than 4 pages but should not write more

than 6 pages.

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