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This term you learned about applied anthropology. For this forum exercise we are going to explore the practical applications of what we learned throughout the term.  Please choose one of the following short projects from the list below or text me with your own idea to make sure it is okay for this project.  Using terms and concepts you learned in class, come up with a solution to the following problems.  Your answer should be approximately 350 words or more and you are expected to comment on the work of another student (50 word minimum).  You can check the word count of what you have written by going to

  • A local community that relies on the local hospital has religious taboos that conflict with some types of medical care. This is frustrating physicians and is affection patient compliance and patient outcome.  You have been hired as an applied anthropologist to propose solutions to this problem.  How would you research and apply your findings to this situation? What questions would you ask physicians and patients to solve this problem?
  • If your major is NOT anthropology, how can applied anthropology be utilized in your field. What questions could it answer and what problems could it solve? Give a specific example of how applied anthropology could be used.
  • Google, ‘applied anthropology jobs’. Surf the listings to get an idea of the range of vocations available.  Give a general description of the types of jobs you found. Give a specific description of one job in particular and how you think applied anthropology could help.

To get full credit for this forum:

  1. Choose ONE of the prompts above or design your own. Clear the topic with me if you are uncertain it qualifies.
  2. Answer all parts of the question using 350 words or more.
  3. Cite references.

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